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From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Feb 16 1998 - 21:26:16 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In this decad of Thiruvaaimozhi 3.2, Azhwar is granted a complete 
anubhavam after his lamenting heavily on his disability to see and have 
the Emperumaan’s darshan. Azhagar offers to show Himself and bless the 
AzhwAr and satifies the AzhwAr by telling him "I will stand at Tirumalai 
to cater to all your yearnings /enjoyment to the fullest extent; What 
you could not achieve at South Tirumalai (TirumaalirunjOlai), have them 
here!" and here we go at AzhwAr’s moving YET another decad of excellent 

1.  Oh EmperumaanE!, The One who created the earth, surrounded by the 
Oceans (with three waters - munneer- River, Fountain, rain); You gave me 
the sareeram of mine (this body) with which I have accrued puNyam and 
paapam and have been loitering in these births; To get rid of these two 
and the karmAs, and to remove all the miseries of Births, when will I 
join You, My Lord!

2.  Oh VaamanA!, the One who measured the Big world with Your feet! Due 
to Your mAyA, I have been trapped in these viscious cycles of variuos 
births and been suffering; From time immemorial, these births have been 
happening and so are various karmAs of mine; When will You cut asunder 
all these from its roots and make me join You Divine Feet, My Lord?

3.  Oh EmperumaanE! You came as a Saarathi for the chariot and still 
could destroy the entire GauravA army in the BhAratha battle field; Such 
is Your greatness; (means without lifting a weapon (as promised to 
DuryOdhan), You could win still-); Why do You Not destroy my sareera 
sambhandham (the connection with these bodies- means karmAs) and show me 
a way to reach Your Feet, My Lord?

4.  EmperumaanE! You are full of jnAnam (knowledge) which is so lustrous 
and shining; You have spanned everywhere with no blemishes to capture me 
for the eternal servitude; My Dearest father! You should come to bless 
me and grant me to leave and forget all earthly desires and to make me 
perform eternal kaimkaryam holding Your Lotus Feet always, My Lord! 
Please show mercy on me;

5.  Emperumaane! You need not have to come like Raama and KrishNa and 
stay long with me for many years; At least can You not come for a moment 
as You did for GajEndrA and prahalAdA? Please make my mind stable so 
that it does not get distracted and diluted; Oh My dearest Father, the 
One who has got the most beautiful colour of "kaayaampoo"! If NOT having 
mercy on me is Your nature How can I approach You, Lord?

6.  When You asked me to do good deeds and gain puNyam in the past 
(previous births), I DID NOT do them; When You asked not to commit any 
paapam (sins), I did not abstain from doing such sins; I left You and 
went behind the poor, lowly materialistic pursuits and sensual 
pleasures; (Sisters and Brothers, NammAzhwAr is ENTIRELY SPEAKNING ON 
OUR BEHALF); Oh ParmanE!, the One who craeted all beings! When will I 
reach Your illustrious Divine Lotus Feet?

7.  Oh Mind!, since we did not have a correct proper jnAnam (knowledge) 
we have been trapped in these births and we are caught in samsaaric  
ills; Do You think we will be able to reach the KaNNapiraan’s Feet (The 
One who is the embodiment if Knowledge) and stay there for ever?

8.  Oh KaNNapiraanE! The One who is the Most Glorious of all! My 
ParanchudarE! I could not put aside the sins which I have been 
committing over the ages that give me tremendous sorrows; I did not even 
pay obeisance to Your Lotus Feet continuously; How CAN I ever Reach You 
hereafter?  It is JUST IMPOSSIBLE with the quantum of sins committed by 
me; Such a lowly self like me- If I call You, How will it reach You and 
be fruitful?

9.  For the ages, I have been suffering in samsaaram and caught and 
bewildered in that terrible bush,- suffering greatly from the most cruel 
/ horrible diseases of various Births; - Now I do NOT know how to get 
out of this and I have lost the way; I have been yelling asking You for 
help, Oh my Lord! Such a paavi- a great sinner, How can I reach 
Emperumaan? I was not born in that age when Sri KrishNA was born; (It 
seems, NammAzhwAr apperared on the fith day of kaliyugam (5 days after 
Dwapara yugam- KrishNA’a period)); I missed His stupendous feat of 
measuring the Entire Universe with His Feet and capturing the 
BhagavathALs for eternal servitude; IS THERE ANY WAY OF REDEMTION FOR 

NOW, The Lodr has shown Himself at Tirumali and the AzhwAr gets GREATLY 

10.  I have seen the KaNNapiraan, who can only be seen otherwise by 
various sAstrAs and jnAnam; When the life goes away, the yamA’s men 
throw the rope (pAsakkayiRu); While doing so the trouble and the 
sufferings one suffers from, is all REMOVED by My Emperumaan; With His 
Grace, my mind is stabilised; my life has become permanent; Athman has 
become Nityam; 

11.  The Emperumaan has all Worlds and all beings in Him; About Him, the 
AzhwAr, SadagOpan, one who belongs to kurugoor, has sung 1000 verses 
(pAsurams) which are full of truth and of no faults/blemishes; Out of 
those 1000, these ten pasuams can REMOVE the karmAs for getting 
ourselves trapped in  samsaara bhandham and the sareera sambhandham; (If 

Ram Ram

NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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