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Thiruvaaimozhi 3.1- He is INCOMPREHENSIBLE! IMMEASURABLE! Yet so fond of us!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Feb 13 1998 - 04:21:29 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

We are successfully entering the Third patthu (MoonRaam patthu). Let us 
be blessed by NammAzhwAr by reading his Thiruvaaimozhi decad 3.1, 
wherein he enjoys the darshan of our Lord's MOST EXQUISITE BEAUTY and 
narrates his enjoyment in a marvellous ten pAsurams (again!) ; They are 
reaaly EXCELLENT! Please read them; 

1.  Oh EmperumaanE! The One who is always with His consort Periya 
Piraatti! Your shining face-its lustre- its brightness- has it gone up 
and spread to Your kireetam (crown)? Your most beautiful Feet- their 
lustre & brightness - have they spread to the Lotus on which You are 
standing? Yoru waist beauty and its shining brightness- has it mixed its 
brightness with Your peethAmbharam & AbharaNanghaL (dress and the 
ornaments)? You should tell me all these about Your beauties.

2.  Oh EmperumaanE! The Param poruLE! The ParanjOthiyE! If we talk about 
it, Your eyes Your Feet, Your hands- They CAN NOT be even compared to 
the LOTUSES! (means they are much MORE BEAUTIFUL and better looking than 
Red Lotuses!) . The Gold that has been heated and is at a Very high 
temperature, such a Golden Colour even is much less Beautiful than Your 
MOST BEAUTIFUL THIRUMENI (Divine Body). Hence, these people (Azhwar is 
pointing to us!) are comparing Your beauty to all these things (based on 
their limited / lack of understanding.

3.  Since You are the Most Beautiful of all, You are the ParanjOthi. 
Since, there is no more shining form than Your form, You are an 
incomparable FORM of LIGHT. You are the One who created the entire 
Universe and all worlds, GOvindhA! If these are Your measures, How do 
You think I can tell in simple words with my pasurams? I DO NOT have the 
capacity to tell about Your attributes and qualities.

4.  In these wide spanned universe, these people (lacking in their 
knowledge about You) do not have Your Most Beautiful Form in their 
hearts and meditate. Further to that lack of knowledge, You have also 
created confounded the confusions by creating more differences in jAthi 
(castes) and in religions. You have confused the samsaaris with all 
these things and then You have desired on the ThuLasi leaves. Will this 
world NOT suffer by not knowing You and by losing You? (You are enjoying 
with ThuLsi leaves and are in bhOgam , while the samsaaris are suffering 
without You)

5.  Will I be able to talk about Your form and Its Beauty? By very 
nature, You are shining so brightly and so Beautifully. When seeing Your 
Divine Body, one may wonder as to it is due to Great penance, such a 
Beautiful form has come. BUT IT IS NOT. It Definitely is Not. It is 
natural of You to be so Beautiful. By very nature, You have so much 
jnAnam (knowledge) and have been existing in Everything in this 
Universe. You know everything that happened in the Past, that is 
happening in the Present and that will happen in the Future. You are the 
One who know all. You are th One who protects everyone; How can one tell 
about Your Most Beautiful, Most Auspicious kalyANa guNAs? (You have 
taken the form only for bhakthAs; Your ornaments for our enjoyment)

6.  The vedhams, the saastrAs, are all essence of Your guNAS Truthfully; 
Nothing but Truth; Oh EmperumaanE!, the One who wears the garland of 
ThuLasi with most fragrant flowers! The One whose chest is adorned by 
Sri mahAlakshmi! How can I greet You with words? When even vEdhAs can 
not describe You in words, How I can tell?  (Swami Desikan says the same 
in GOdhAsthuthi- second verse-) (Sisters and Brothers, The vEdhAs are 
actually many; countless; There is a story in vEdA; BharadwAja maharishi 
wished to learn all vEdAs and requested Indran for 300 Year life. He 
learnt vEdAs for 300 years. After 300 years, Indran appeared and 
bharadwAjar felt proud that he completed vEdAs fully; Indran said that 
what he learnt was only a handful of vEdAs; Thus there are so many 
vEdAs; and Veda vyAsar only compiled for us a miniature version just for 
us in kaliyugam; and made into four vEdAs; with all these vEdAs and by 
all those schlarly dEvAs even,  You can NOT be praised to the fullest 

7.  Even when the bhAgavathAls increase exponentially and praise Your 
kalyANa guNAs, still it is not possible to measure Your auspicious 
attributes. (Our Lord immediately asks "What about BrahmA, Sivan? Can 
they NOT comprehend me fully? " AzhwAr says "No,You know why? Because, 
even, BrahmA and Sivan are not able to do justice to Their praising You. 
Even if they do, it is due to Your mercy. Firstly, You created BrahmA 
for him to create the world. And then Sivan wascreated; then, the dEvAs; 
How they can attempt at understanding You fully? It is just NOT possible 
for them to praise You fully; Are Your kalyANa guNAs measurable? NO.

8.  EmperumaanE! With no growing, no reduction, You are always the SAME 
FORM of JOTHI, a Blemishless jOthi; You possess the Most Purest, 
Blemishless jnAnam (knowledge); You possess the Divine Body which is the 
Most Brightest, ever shining, form and has no blemishes; and has the 
entire Universe in it; You are the One who directs EVERYTHING; and You 
are praised by BrahmA, the one who has the knowledge and strength as his 
ornaments;  (Emperumaan has the lustrous ThirumEni as if thousands of 
Suns rise at the same time;- GitA 11.12)

9.  When the elephant GajEndrA called You devotedly "AdhimoolamE!" You 
IMMEDIATELY rushed to protect him and save him; (You forgot to tell Your 
consorts; Your VishvaksEnar; You forgot to wear Thiruvadis- Your only 
intention was to RUSH IMMEDIATELY; You could have sent the ChakrA 
straight from Sri Vaikuntam- But didn't; because- it will NOT disclose 
Your Vatsaly GuNA;) You have the Sharpest ChakrA as a Your Ayudham 
(weapon) and You came by Garuda vaahanam; (You even jumped ahead of 
GarudA once You came near GajEndrA!) If You protect the people from Sri 
Vaikuntam, it will definitely lessen Your Most Auspicious GuNAs; 
(Vatsalyam); (Hence Do come in Person Oh Lord, for these Bhakti Group 

10.  Oh the Lustrous Jothi, the One who is the essence and the meaning 
of four vEdAs! Regularly, You have been saving and protecting the worlds 
during the Cosmic Cycle ends; For protecting, You have eaten the 
Universe and then You brought the Universe out; You measured with Your 
Feet; Sivan, who has the half-moon in his head, BrahmA and IndrA have 
been graetly blessed and achieved Greatness and become MOST famous by 
praising You, Lord! Is it a wonder? No.
(here AzhwAr saus "maRaiyaaya naal vEdham- maRai means vEdam; then, why 
he says- maRaiyaaya naal vEdam?  MaRai means - maRaiya  means covered - 
hidden; Vedam means to tell explicitly; i.e. For theists, it is explicit 
and understood; For athiests, maRai- hidden and is not exposed- 
BEAUTIFUL? Isn't it?)

11.  JNana moorthy Emperumaan (The Omniscient, Omnipresent) has got all 
actions and possessed Most Auspicious attributes in Him naturally. VedAs 
proclaim Him as the Chief and He is praised DOUBTLESSLY by NammAzhwAr in 
1000 pAsurams; Out of those 1000, those who read these MARVELLOUS ten 
saved in this earthly world surrounded by oceans!

Ram Ram
With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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