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From: Shree (
Date: Thu Feb 12 1998 - 19:19:27 PST

> From: 
>         "P. Ramanujan" <>
>                                                                               > Dear friends!
> I'm working on Sanskrit and Computers for about 8 years at CDAC and have
> developed a s/w called DESIKA besides RgVeda database, all usable in all
> indian scripts using ISCII/ISM of CDAC.
> I've a home page at   &
> I'm soon undertaking a project to provide all original treatises of the
> 14 vidya-sthana-s on the net in all indian sccripts for browsing.
> Panini's grammar's computational rendering by me is about to finish.
> Pl. view the first-cut version of the above site and interact if some
> useful common activities could emerge. Sometime in Nov. '95 or so, my
> work had figured in Sambhashana Sandesha also.
> Pl. include me in your mail list.
> I'm privately rendering Parashara Bhattar's Vishnu Sahasranama Bhashyam
> with hyperlinks to grammar, etymology texts etc., including DESIKA
> analysis. I wish to put all of Sri Vedanta Desika's works (covering all
> 14 vidyasthanas and numbering 121 works in Sanskrit, Tamil, Manipravala,
> Prakrt etc.) in course of time. Krishna Yajurveda and Vishishtadvaita
> Vedanta is my specialisation and Vedic phonetics, topic of Ph.D research
> at IISc.
> Thanks and bye.
> Veda Varidhi, Veda Vijnana Shiromani, Vaidika Bhooshanam P. Ramanujan.