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Thirumazhisai AzhwAr thirunakshathram

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Feb 12 1998 - 05:26:17 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Today is a great day of our Mystic AzhwAr Thirumazhisai vandha jOthi. He 
is an amsam of Divine Discuss ChakrAyudham of Sriman Narayanan. 

During my last vacation to India, alongwith my parents we visited 
Oppiliappan kOil and on the way back to Srirangam, we also visited 
KumbhakONam (Thirukkudanthai) Sri SAranghapANi PerumAL kOil. 

Before going inside, my father narrated that, in that temple, the Lord 
got up for Thirumazhisai AzhwAr; But he wanted the kOil bhattar (priest) 
to tell us the detail. The bhattar said so movingly singing the exact 
Thirumazhisai pAsuram and narrated it so well that it brought 
tears in my eyes; Very nice-the story which I had NOT heard of before;

This is the pAsuram (#61 in Thirucchandha viruttham)

Nadantha kaalgaL nondhavO? nadunghu jnAla mEnamaay/
idanthameygu lunghavOvilanghu maalvaraicchuram/
kadandhakaal parandhakaavirikkai kudanthaiyuL/
kidanthavaaRezhundhirundhu pEsu vaazhi kEsanE!/

Is it that Your legs are paining, Oh Lord Kesavaa? (due to walking all 
the way searching for SitA Piraatti upto LankA) Can You please get up 
and speak to me, Lord, The One who is lying down at Thirukkudanthai, on 
the banks of CauvEr? 

But when the Lord started getting up, AzhwAr felt bad that he is asking 
the SARVESWARAN to get up for him and hence immediately said to the Lord 
"No, No, Please lie down;  AdiyEn has committed apachArams; I should not 
have told You to get up; You are sarvEswaran; Please lie down"; and The 
Lord lied down again.

Even today the lying down posture appears as if He is JUST GETTING UP. 
(about 10 Degrees from horizontal) 

OUR LORD had alredy once before obeyed for this AzhwAr's command and 
obtained the name "sonna vaNNam seidha perumAL" (yatOtkAri); Now He does 
it again!

enna great azhwAr! What a bhakthi! How GREAT OUR LORD is ! even for a 
little power, position, one gets so head strong and does not even care 
about fellow human beings; The Primordial Chief, Sarva vallabhan, 
SarvEshwaran; Parama Purushan, Our Sriman Narayanan ;so SOWLABHYAN and 
listens to azhwAr's words and does what he orders- Get up! He gets up; 
No,No Sorry, Go back, Lie down and He goes back and lies down; 

What a GREAT LORD and What a great devotee!

Let us all contemplate on Thirumazhisai AzhwAr for a second and obtain 
his blessing.

Thirumazhisai AzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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