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Re: Why do kaalatitha dosha prayaschitta arghyam
Date: Wed Feb 11 1998 - 05:04:48 PST

Sri Krishna KaLale raised a very interesting question. If there is a Sun Raise
(and Set) at all time points at some place or the other on our planet, why do
Kaalatitha dosha prayachitta arghyam?

This would be like asking, why turn on the light because there is Sun raise
(and set) all the time (Sun raise overrides the darkness of Sun set). 

I think we are talking with respect to our particulat location. This is true
for pretty much anything we follow.

I also believe the Sandhyavandanam is more for us than for the Sun.
It is our own Mandehaaruna - the Rajas & Thamas. We want ourself to raise in
Satva, live in it  and set in it. But second law of Thermodynamics threatens
this state of Satva. It has to be constantly renewed. We do it three times  in
a given day (thri kaala sandhyas). The position of the three junctions of time
apparent to us in the sky (by the apparent position of Sun) is a point of
reminder.  These times are very for a given place. Any deviation from
recharging at those points 
calls for Prayaschittam. Just like if you ignore  to cut your grass on time,
you work a little harder to get the same result.

Of course this is my version - no authority whatsoever. 


K. Sreekrishna Tatachar