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Re: Sri Vaishnava

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Tue Feb 10 1998 - 21:28:14 PST

> What is expected of me as a SriVaishnava.

When my wife took samAsrayanam, Sri Tridandi Jeear Swamy presented her with
a small booklet in telugu called guruparamparAdhi, which includes the
thaniyan to the AchArya paramparai.  In it is a short paragraph that
summarizes the required qualities of a SriVaishnava. The following is our
rough translation of the telugu text:

1. Detachment from material desires
2. Seeking Sriman Narayana as one's sole protector
3. Faith that He will grant you the purushArtham
4. Impatience for the attainment of the purushArtham
5. Loving the divya dEshams
6. Spending time in bhagavadAnubhava kainkaryam
7. Finding happiness in hearing about the mahima of SriVaishnavas
8. Maintaining nishta in the practice of thirumantram and dvayam
9. Having boundless affection for one's AchAryan
10. Being grateful towards Perumal and AchAryan
11. Having jnAnam, virakthi, and shAnthi
12. Associating with paramasAthvika bhAgavathas


Mohan & Madhuri