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Re: Sri Vaishnava

From: Chandrasekaran. V (
Date: Tue Feb 10 1998 - 10:00:52 PST

Dear members,
   I think the question ,
      "What is expected of me as a SriVaishnava" is not very coherent. 
Shouldn't it be,
      "What will make one a SriVaishnava" or
      "How can one be(come) a SriVaishnava" or
      "Who is a SriVaishnava" ?  (though essentially same is meant)

   I put forth my opinion of the question not to offend anybody. Pls. 
pardon me if this causes any offence to Bhagavathas.
   If someone asks "what is expected of me as a brahmin/vaishya/brahmachari
/...?" it sounds coherent with the context intended. Because these categories 
are out of some compelled obligations from the society which an individual 
is expected to hold to (with all sincerity without any esteem or grudge 
arising out of one's belonging to a particular group).
   But true embracement of any spiritual path can't be out of someone
else's expectation of us; there is no sense of belonging to a group;
discrimination dissolves in the universal truth and universal love
remains. No true Bhakta (person following Bhakti margam) will say that 
"I belong to the clan of Bhakti and I am like this". All margams are 
essentially the same for him; but his mind and intellect chose bhakti 
margam naturally. Quotes like "I want to be a true vishishtAdvaitin; 
So I am going to follow this this this steps from now on..." will sound 
incoherent to Bhagavathas also.
   Would AzhwArs have thought about becoming vaishnavAs before they 

   adiyArkku adiyEn,

   yAdhoru kuRai ilan
      yAnghanum thirindhuLan
   vAdhiRRkku poruLalan
      vAnmuTRum Anavan
   kOdharu nilaiyinan
      kOL yAvum thirangoL-dhA
   mOdharan senghamala
      thiruvadiyE charaN