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Date: Mon Feb 09 1998 - 14:20:58 PST

Divine love is infinite 

              Date: 10-02-1998 :: Pg: 24 :: Col: c 

              Cl: Religion 

              CHENNAI, Feb. 10. 

              There are as many sects in this world as grains of
              sand on the seashore. People have lost sight of the
              true essence of religion and they fight unnecessarily
              over petty dogmas and non- essentials. Every
              religion, every cult and every sect, however,
              declares that reality is one and it has to be
              approached by speaking the Truth, by loving all,
              by leading a life of continence and of purity and
              self-control, by service, concentration, meditation
              and devotion. 

              Of all creations, a human birth is difficult to obtain,
              rare still is the tendency to pursue the spiritual path
              and rarest is God-realisation. Having been born as
              a human being, if a person does not strive to reach
              God's kingdom, he can be said to commit suicide
              for, he kills himself by clinging to things unreal.
              One with proper understanding and faith should
              give up the desire for pleasure from external
              objects and fix his mind on God's feet. 

              Sincere devotees should not seek any material gain
              from God but pray that their souls should ever
              cling to Him. Even when urged by God himself to
              ask for a boon, Prahlada pleaded with Him not to
              tempt him by such offers. ``I only seek shelter in

              In a lecture on the path of devotion analysed by
              God in His sermon, the Bhagavad Gita, Swami
              Vimalananda said this earth reflects God's
              all-supporting nature. Water proclaims the
              message of His sanctity and purity. Fire indicates
              His self-luminous nature. Air signifies His
              omnipotence. The illusive power (Maya) is totally
              under His control. 

              Some men ask for proof about God's existence.
              They should be shown the display of intelligence in
              every inch of creation. Who pumps blood in
              arteries? Who makes the eyelids close to prevent
              dust? Who provides food for a frog living in the
              strata of rocks? Who divides the seasons? 

              God is hidden in all beings. He is filled with mercy.
              He has sold Himself to His devotees and has
              become their slave. ``How can I leave them when
              they have renounced everything for My sake
              only?'' Devotion is a sacred, higher emotion of
              sublime sentiments which unites devotees with the
              Lord. Divine love is infinite, pure, all-pervading
              and everlasting. Real devotees will have an equal
              vision for all and a balanced mind. Bhakthi softens
              their hearts, removes the wicked tendencies which
              take root in them and infuses divine ecstasy. The
              names of God will always be on their lips and their
              gaze is constantly turned inwards.