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Re MukundamAla stotram

From: Shree (
Date: Sun Feb 08 1998 - 07:47:10 PST

> From: "Sridhar Srinivasan" <>
> Subject: MukundamAla stotram
> Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 07:50:34 +0000
> A common practice (and a very important aspect)  of our sampradayam 
> is the need to salute our acharyals/azhwaar/composer prior to 
> reciting the sthotram.  In this instance, the first slokam would go 
> as:
> ghushyathE yatra nagarE ranga yAtra dinE dinE
> tam aham shirasA vandE rAjAnam kulashekaram


Thank you very much for pointing this out. 
Could you please let me have the verse in ITRANS so that I can add it to the stotraM.

I apologise for the delay in writing about this. I subscribe to the bhakti-digest and
sometimes I get it only after 2-3 days.