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Thiruvaaimozhi 2.9- No mOksham- I NEED ONLY TO SERVE YOU, LORD.

Date: Sun Feb 08 1998 - 00:46:09 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In this Decad, AzhwAr explains to the Lord that he does NOT want mOksham
and the purushArtham for himself; he would rather request for the eternal
servitude to Sriman NarAyaNan and be only for Him forever as His servant
and be like BharathAzhwAn and LakshmaNA.

1.	Oh EmperumaanE!the One, who removed the sorrows of GajEndrA! However
great mOksham may be, I have no interest in it; All that I wish is "You
shall always rest Your Feet on my head and save me". I want this only.

2.	Oh PerumaanE! The dark hued, lustrous maNivaNNA! My Father! Even when
asked infinite times, my answer will still be the same. Give me a hand of
jnAnam (knowledge) to lift me up to reach Your Lotus Feet. (here jnAnA is
considered as another hand to lift  Embaar explains to aNdAAn that more
hands will only facilitate a person being lifted;)

3.	KaNNapiraanE! The One who has Divine ChakrA in His hands, showers mercy
on us and advises us not to commit sins. Even in the last dying moment,
when my throat gets choked up with phlegm, I should remember to pray to
Your Lotus Feet and You should grant me that, Lord.("appothaikku ippothe
solli vaithen"- )

4.	"At all times, I should be served"-like that, You should always advise
me and let me possess that knowledge. EmperumaanE! You should always stay
permanently in my heart. I should be only Your property (thanakkE) and You
should take me in that way to Your Feet. All that I need is that. 

5.	When the jeevan gets out of my body, whether I get mOksham or Heaven or
Hell- I do not bother. Let me not even get any of these. BUT, I WILL NOT
granting me to get out of these Births;

6.	My Chief, My Lord! You created the dEvAs; You have spread among all that
one can see- chEthanAs and achEthanAs (sentient and non-sentient beings);
You have become the Sun and the Moon; Such a Great Lord, You are- I should
happily pray to You with my speech, mind and actions and You should bless
me with that.

7.	You are not granting me the bhAgyam of staying at Your Feet and not
leaving that at all in future' You are not even letting me have You in my
heart for a day! Hence, You should come to me at all times, under all
situations, EmperumaanE!

8.	EmperumaanE!, the One who is worshipped by the Blemishless vedic
scholars! Oh the Sweetest Lord! ( "en akkArak kaniyE!). You should always
stay in my heart as my father. I WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR ANYTHING ELSE.

9.	I and my possessions are Your property and we are at Your service; I did
not have this knowledge and had a wrong knowledge- I had "I" and "mine"
attitudes, so long. Now I am Yours and my possessions are also Yours; You
are the Chief of NityasUris and our Chief!

10.	You are the One who won seven oxen; You destroyed the lankA to ashes;
Oh my lustrous shining ParanjyOthi! PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE MY PRESENT STATE
OF MIND AND LEAVE ME! I MIGHT CHANGE tomorrow and commit sins! Hence,
Please take me to Your Lotus Feet! PLEASE NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE. (How true
these words are!- they more applicable to us than to AzhwAr)

11.	Those who read these 10 pAsurams out of 1000 pAsurams (composed by
kurugoor sadagOpan), which have been sung on SarvEswaran, the One who has
Divine chakrA in His hands, are DEFINITE to attain the amrut (deathless)


Ram Ram

NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNAm 
NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkaNNan