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Tamil more difficult than Sanskrit (to get marks in School, of course)

From: srini (
Date: Sat Feb 07 1998 - 10:44:45 PST

> My assessment still is that Tamil is relatively more difficult to learn
> compared to Sanskrit.  This does not mean that I am against Tamil nor am
> I a Sanskrit fanatic!  As individuals we do have the option not to
> accept another person's assessment.  What is difficult for one may be
> easy for another! 
> Nagu Satyan

My personal observation is all children in every culture seem to
start speaking a language at about the same age. 9-15 months.
So the logic would be that, if Tamil is more difficult than
other languages, the Tamil children must be blessed with better
brains to compensate for the extra difficulty. (Just a joke, please
do not infer that I am making any superiority claims :-)

The other question is why should a difficult language
survive in public use and the easier one die in public use.
Most would normally think that a difficult language needs
superior skills and training and so is limited to fewer
people only.

Only thing that every one will agree is that the Sanskrit
school teachers are programmed to give 100% marks if you
can say rama rammow raamaa, while the Tamil school
teachers will extract the perspiration out of you before
giving any decent marks. So everyone like me, preferred
to study Sanskrit in school and also found it
extremely easy (to get marks) as Mrs. Nagu Satyan says.

Best wishes to all.


K. Srinivasan