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Thiruvaaomozhi 2.8- He is the Only one who can grant us mOksham-

From: V.Madhavakkannan (
Date: Thu Feb 05 1998 - 21:53:26 PST

Dearst Sisters and Brothers,

In this decad, AzhwAr attempts to advise us that He is the Only one who can
guve us mOksham.

1.Emeprumaan- who unites Himself with MahAlakshmi, (who stays on the Lotus
Flower) and lies down on the AdhsEshA- Just to see Him and His nature
ITSELF is the ABSOLUTE BLISS. He is the cause for BrahmA and Sivan. He is
the One who takes avataars to cater to our requirements. He is like a log
of wood when we are getting ourselves drowned in Samsaaric Ocean and the
Ocean of Births and Deaths.

2.Emeprumaan removed the obstacle of GajEndrA (the Elephant), the one got
caught by the crocodile in a pond. The relationship with Him, the One who
wears the garland of ThuLasi, can alleviate all sorrows connected with
birth and all other samsaaric ills; and that will be the cause for getting
the "HEAVENLY" mOksham where there will be no sorrows and ills- FULL OF

(GajEndrA remind me of an interesting story,- I heard during my last trip
to srirangam- Sri KrishNaprEmi's narration during one of his UpanyAsams -
STORY: Once during an upayAsam, a swamy was interrupted by a listener "
Swamy, all said and done. Where is this Sri Vaikuntam? How far? Is ther any
answer any of our scriptures?". the Swamy was simply bowled. He could not
reply and was sweating. He ssid that he will look into the books and the
upanyAsam continues for the next ten days; But everyone was searchin; all
scholars were searching; the Swamy was looking at various bhAshyams; but,
nowhere it was mentioned that Sri Vaikuntam is here; this far; etc, etc.
May be on the last day- a pilgrim- poor beggerly-like param bhAgavathA- an
illiterate (but very pious) devotee of Sriman NarayaNan- was walkind down
the street with his lips uttering " narayana, narayana" . he saw lot of hue
and cry about this question. He stopped somone and asked him to elaborate
the question. He also (while lokking down at him) repeated the question.
Our devotee said "C,mon. You must be kidding. Please tell me the Correct
question". "No, thsi is the one." Our guy laughed and smilngly said, "then,
even I know the answer and ther is a proof for that.". The other person
(local guy) was raing his eyebrows and was ineterested. " Please tell me
fast, if you know. Where is Sri vaikuntam? and What is the evidence? "- he
Our devotee said "It is very near by- just a calling distance. You just
call. the voice can be heard immediately- so near."- and evidence? "yes.
gajEndrA is the evidence. He yelled NarAyaNA! and within seconds He
appeared!- means it is so short a distance!- )
3.Emperumaan offered a place to Brahmaa (after creating him) and Sivan in
His body; He is The One who is the antharyaami for BrahmA and Sivan; He has
mahAlakshmi residing  in His heart always. His attributes are so wonderful
and beyond one's comprehension! We can see His marvellous actions (in our
nature and among ourselves) everywhere!

4.Oh BhagavathALs, who are proceeding to the most wonderful Haevenly world!
you all should not get entangled by the Five senses and their attractions;
you shall always desire for mOksham-(which, you are already doing); you
should immerse yourselves in singing His kalyANa guNAs and His valour in
killing asurAs.

5.Emperumaan is the only reason and cause for everything including the
diseases of our Births; He is the Only one -who is indefatigable to protect
always and forever; He is Lord Hayagreev, KoormA, MatsyA, Sri RAmA, KaNNan
and is the Chief of all dEvAs; He is the Chief of NityasUris. He is my
Theerthan (Theerthan because He purifies me!)

6.Theerthan, the One whse feet was adorned by the Garland offered by arjun,
enabled arjun to see the same garland at the head of Sivan and realise the
Parathvam of Sri KaNNan.Should someone do further research/investigation on
Parathvam? (NO!)

7.Emperumaan lied down (kidandhu) on ThiruppaRkadal. He stayed with the
rishis in the forest (irundhu); He stood  winning against rAvaNA.(ninRu); 
As a VaraahA, He brought the Mother Earth back; He ate the seven worlds and
spit them back after the Cosmic Cycle end; He hugged the Most Beautiful
shoulders of Nappinnaip piraatti; Who can see all His actions?

8.Wh is capable of seeing my Sweet Lord KaNNan? Who can see Him? No one can
even think what He eats; Even the whole world is not for one munch with His
mouth. His Home is BEYOND all worlds; He is the One in Everything; He is
the One spread everywhere;

9.PrahalAda, the son of HiraNyakasipu, said to his father " KaNNan is in
all places". When he was asked by his father "Doe He live in this pillar?"
and showed a pillar, PrahalAda said "Yes, Of course.". Our Lord made a
SUPERFAST move into the pillar before it was broken by HiraNya kasipu and
was killed by Lord NrsimhA. Is there any point in doubting His
capabilities? Is there any capacity for us to even get to knoe His powers?

10.Emperumaan- the One who is the beginning and the end of Most wonderful
Paramapadham, Heaven and the Hell. He is the One who has all dEvAs. He is
the One who becomes the seed, the trunk, the branches and the finale for
everything; Such a KaNNapiraan- I HAVE SEEN HIM;

11.Our NammAzhwAr has sung 1000 pAsurams about the Lord Sriman Narayanan,
one who is the Black emerald and  has got Red Lotus Eyes; Ones who read
these 10 pAsurams out of 1000 pAsurams are DEFINITE to get mOksham and
enjoy absolute Bliss.


AzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

Narayana dAsan madhavakkaNNan