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MukundamAla stotram

From: Sridhar Srinivasan (
Date: Thu Feb 05 1998 - 23:50:34 PST

Shree <> writes
>namaskaar, Here is the text as per ITRANS 5.1 Transliteration scheme - given at
>end of post
>vande mukundamaravindadalAyatAkshaM
>        kundendushaN^khadashanaM  shishugopaveSham  .
>        vR^indAvanAlayamahaM vasudevasUnum  .. 1..
>shrIvallabheti varadeti dayApareti

Many thanks to Sri Shree for posting Sri Kulashekara Aazhwaar's 
wonderful outpouring of devotion.  

A common practice (and a very important aspect)  of our sampradayam 
is the need to salute our acharyals/azhwaar/composer prior to 
reciting the sthotram.  In this instance, the first slokam would go 

ghushyathE yatra nagarE ranga yAtra dinE dinE
tam aham shirasA vandE rAjAnam kulashekaram

As a general comment (no specific reference to this instance), the role of an 
Acharya in in our sampradayam cannot be 
over-emphasized, and it is unacceptable to even pray without offering 
obeisance to Azhwaar/Acharyas.  This might also explain why our 
sampradAyam insists so much on the oral tradition, for when doing so, 
it is highly unlikely that critical elements such as a taniyan would be 
missed.  However, I have seen many instances of written publications 
that contain errors/oversights, which in turn can get perpetuated 
when jignyAsus with the desire to learn do so on their own or through 

Aazhwaar Emberumaanaar Jeeyar thiruvadigaLE sharaNam