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Sri Desika Prabhandham Tapes : A vote of Thanks !

From: Nadadur Madhavan (
Date: Wed Feb 04 1998 - 19:48:09 PST

Sri V. Sadagopan wrote:

".......In summary , this set of three tapes containing the authentic 
rendition of Swami Desikan's Tamil Prabhandhams with 
a scholarly introduction by Sri NadAthUr Maadhavan is a 
must for every AsthikA's home......"

Please note that the introductions are based on Sri Ramadesikachariar's
commentary published by LIFCO.  The publisher was kind enough to give us
the permission to use the information in our effort to bring Sri
Desikaprabandham in tapes with a brief  introductory commentary.  

"....May the divya Dampathis confer their choicest blessings..."

With all your encouragement, support, participation, blessings and
prayers, kainkeryams are continuing.  Thanks.