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sAmpradaya saurabham - part II

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Tue Feb 03 1998 - 18:00:57 PST

The three steps that we have covered so far in the journey to the achAryan

Step 1. Bhagavad sauhArdam.  
Step 2. sadbhAvam
Step 3. Bhagavad katAksham


Step 4. adhvEsham

Because of His Compassionate Glance, a change occurs in the one who may
have previously become irritated at the mere recital of Perumal's name. 
This irritation is no longer there.  You feel happy at your own desire to
hear about Him without interruption.

Step 5.  Abhimukhyam

With dvEsham removed, you are listening to pravachanams and enjoying
sankIrtanam.  You wonder to yourself, "How could I have ever denied His
existence all this time?" "Who is He?" "What is He like?"   This thought
process begins and proceeds smoothly.  You feel the agony of having
separated yourself from Him.  You wonder about Him a lot.  This is

Step 6.  sAtvika bhAshanam

When Abhimukhyam is experienced, you will not stop at this.  You seek out
bhAgavathas who can describe Him to you.  You always want to be with them
and enjoy the happiness in their faces when they are speaking about Him. 
Your mahabhAgyam is to hear of His Vaibhavam from the bhAgavathas
unceasingly.  Ultimately, your prayer is to have these bhAgavathas bring
the Lord into your heart to reside forever.


When you have reached this stage, you are ready for AchArya samAsrayanam. 
Your AchAryan finds you to be a like a ploughed and fertilized piece of
land.  He plants the seeds and they sprout.  This is the fulfilment of
AchArya upadEsham.  The plants of spiritual knowledge grow and bring all

AzhwAr emperumAnar jeear thiruvadigalE saranam


Mohan & Madhuri