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Please follow up in soc.culture.tamil only. Not here. Thanks

From: srini (
Date: Tue Feb 03 1998 - 08:00:08 PST

I agree with Sri Varadhan's posting entirely.
Here is something I posted in soc.culture.tamil.
Please follow up in soc.culture.tamil only. Not here.



> Subject: Permitting Tamil worship again in Temples
> Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 16:27:46 GMT
> From: srini <>
> Newsgroups: soc.culture.tamil
> We often hear all too often that those desiring Tamil worship
> in temples are Tamil fanatics. The TN government is trying to make
> Tamil archanais available again in all Temples in the Tamil
> speaking area.
> Those who oppose that should think of the following:
> 1. They will all argue that devotion is beyond language.
> Then why prohibit Tamil?
> 2. Would they rather prefer the majority to fight from
> outside and destroy, instead of joining them in peace?
> 3. Service to devotees is considered superior to rituals/devotion
> itself (in Sri Vaishnavam) and if the devotees desire Archnai
> in Tamil, providing them the same is the greatest.
> I found the archakar in a small 108 divya dhEsam temple quite
> excited to show me a Tamil Archanai that he composed himself.
> I am glad that, what Sri Ramanujar tried 900 years ago is being
> again implemented by the TN government now.

[ In my observation there is no opposition to that from Sri Vaishnava
 Temples. The views expressed by TN Brahmin groups and some people
 outside TN may be different. ]

> Ks