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RE: Thiruvaaimozhi 2.7- Read this to become a SRI VAISHNAVA immediately!

From: Rajagopalan, Murli (
Date: Tue Feb 03 1998 - 14:14:40 PST

Thanks for the excellent posting on the dwAdasa nAmas of perumAL.  I 
would however like to point out that the purport of this statement

"My Dear Sisters and Brothers, (For those who do not do 
sandhyavandhanam) Recite these 12 names everyday morning and before 
going to bed WITHOUT FAIL"

is a little misleading (although may not have been intentional ... 
pardon me for being picky).  It assumes that all pApams (including not 
performing trikAla sandhyavandanams) will vanish if we recite the 12 
names of the Lord.  However, our poorvAcharyAs have pointed out 
clearly that as per the shastras, trikAla sandhyavandanams is a duty 
of every traivarNika (brahmaNa, kshatriya, vaishya) male.  Sorry for 
my reading between the lines, but I thought I might just point the 
implications an otherwise well-intentioned statement.

Pardon my sins.

Murali Kadambi