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Re: nNaayEn

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Thu Feb 27 1997 - 10:46:47 PST


> >
> > vEyEy poompozhil soozh viraiyar thiruvENGgadavaa - Oh! Lord, who is residing
> in this place with exquisite ponds...

	I have made a mistake here. pozhil means garden and vEy means
	bamboo. I don't know how i brought in the ponds here !!
	I haven't got my bhakti-digest yet. Probably somebody would have
	corrected this already.

> > (virayar? I am not sure, could somebody lend me a hand here...)
> >
Sampath Rengi Wrote:

> viraiyaar - means a type of grove with fragrance that is in plenty in
> thiruvEngada hills. (ie fragrant groves) This grove is mostly near to the
> several sunais in that hills. Thirup paaN azwaar sung in the very first verse
> of amalan aathi piraan
> viraiyaar pozhil vEngadavan when he addressed vengadavan.

	Thanks Rengi for the meaning and further references. 

> "amala Nnaathipiraa Nnadiyaark
>  kennai yaatpaduththa
> vimalan, viNNavar kOnvirai
>  yaar_pozhil vEnkadavan,
> nimalan ninmalan neethi vaanavan,
>  neeLmathi Larankath thammaan, thiruk
> kamala paathamvan^ then_kaNNi
>  NnuLLana vokkinRathE. (2) (1)
> when azhwaar sings the second verse he delivers on arangan in srirangam as
> "kadiyaar pozhil arangaththamman"
> uvantha vuLLaththanaa yulakamaLan^ thaNdamuRa,
>  nivantha neeLmudiyan anRu nErntha nisaasararai,
> kavarntha venkaNaik kaakuththan kadiyaar_pozhil
>  arankath thammaan, araich
> sivantha aadaiyin mElsenRa
>  thaamen sinthanaiyE.  (2)
> kadiyaar - garden full of flowers with fragrance (ie fragrant gardens)
> I am remninded of the nandavanam in srirangam and the smell of jasmine that
> will
> churn my heart each time i come across at this place. (in love for Arangan).
> >
> > nNalgi aaLennaik koNdaruLE - Take me over to you as your servant....
> >
> the word aruLE can also be separately added as follows or left as it is as
> mentioned above in the act of "take me" itself and Kondu can be conatined in
> "to you" as expressed above or separately as follows.
> koNdu - keep me (as your loyal servant)
> aruLE - and bless me
	You are right. It should be read as ennai aatkoNdu aruLE .
	Thanks for giving the opportunity to read amalanaathipiraan ...


> Since the ending of the pasuram of Bhatar is   his loylaty to HIS master the
> Lord (and himself as loyal servant) HIS calling himself as "nAyEn" very well
> fit there ! (reminding as dog like is meaning his loyalty here). Viji you did a
> good job once again translating the verse. keep it up.
> Regards
> Sampath Rengarajan
> note : Thanks to Sri M. Srinivasan for his efforts in posting these verses.