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Re: nNaayEn

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Feb 27 1997 - 06:30:28 PST

On Feb 26, 10:14am, Vijay Triplicane wrote:

Dear Viji,

> vEyEy poompozhil soozh viraiyar thiruvENGgadavaa - Oh! Lord, who is residing
in this place with exquisite ponds...
> (virayar? I am not sure, could somebody lend me a hand here...)

viraiyaar - means a type of grove with fragrance that is in plenty in
thiruvEngada hills. (ie fragrant groves) This grove is mostly near to the
several sunais in that hills. Thirup paaN azwaar sung in the very first verse
of amalan aathi piraan
viraiyaar pozhil vEngadavan when he addressed vengadavan.

"amala Nnaathipiraa Nnadiyaark
 kennai yaatpaduththa
vimalan, viNNavar kOnvirai
 yaar_pozhil vEnkadavan,
nimalan ninmalan neethi vaanavan,
 neeLmathi Larankath thammaan, thiruk
kamala paathamvan^ then_kaNNi
 NnuLLana vokkinRathE. (2) (1)

when azhwaar sings the second verse he delivers on arangan in srirangam as
"kadiyaar pozhil arangaththamman"

uvantha vuLLaththanaa yulakamaLan^ thaNdamuRa,
 nivantha neeLmudiyan anRu nErntha nisaasararai,
kavarntha venkaNaik kaakuththan kadiyaar_pozhil
 arankath thammaan, araich
sivantha aadaiyin mElsenRa
 thaamen sinthanaiyE.  (2)

kadiyaar - garden full of flowers with fragrance (ie fragrant gardens)
I am remninded of the nandavanam in srirangam and the smell of jasmine that
churn my heart each time i come across at this place. (in love for Arangan).

> nNalgi aaLennaik koNdaruLE - Take me over to you as your servant....

the word aruLE can also be separately added as follows or left as it is as
mentioned above in the act of "take me" itself and Kondu can be conatined in
"to you" as expressed above or separately as follows.

koNdu - keep me (as your loyal servant)
aruLE - and bless me

Since the ending of the pasuram of Bhatar is   his loylaty to HIS master the
Lord (and himself as loyal servant) HIS calling himself as "nAyEn" very well
fit there ! (reminding as dog like is meaning his loyalty here). Viji you did a
good job once again translating the verse. keep it up.

Sampath Rengarajan

note : Thanks to Sri M. Srinivasan for his efforts in posting these verses.