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From: I.K. Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Feb 26 1997 - 06:05:07 PST

Dear Venerable group members:
Sriman Srinivasan's post on vartamaalai was enlightening. 
I could draw two morals from the story.
1. The spontaneous show of affection by the hunter. I have read and 
admired Dr. Dyer's works. " Don't achieve anything for the sake of 
recognition".  That is also the difference between " happiness " and 
" bliss". Bliss is that state of mind when you are happy not because of 
any specific factor.
2. The sentimental expression of the hare prostrating before the hunter 
moved the hunter to extricate the baby. Talking of animals, all animals 
except man know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it.
The author goes on to say in his own words, " I have never heard a dog 
evaluating itself poorly on its barking performance.The bird builds a 
nest for the sake of dwelling and it does not build any bigger than its 
need, unlike the humans who crave for recognition ".
The two points of inference are Achieve not for recognition and shun 
performance evaluation of others.

Om NaMo bhagavaThe VasuDeVaya dhanvantrye amurtha kalasa hasThaye sarva 
maya viNasaNaya thrylokya NaDhaya sri maHavishnuve namaha.