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Re: Vaarttai 131 of Vaarttaamaalai

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Tue Feb 25 1997 - 17:06:47 PST

The incidents leading to Bhattar's profound realizaton is inspiring.  It
seems to provide credence to the idea that our acknowledgement of the Lord
as the Upaya and Upeya through Prapatti is the fruit of His subtle yet
successful labors.  If the Lord can direct the hare's seemingly instinctive
act of Prapatti, and bring out such wisdom and Bhagavatha Sesatvam in the
hunter, I cannot even begin to imagine what wondrous things He is bringing
out in those of us who are inclined towards Him.  But, of course, even this
inclination could only be the result of His Grace...

Daasanu Daasan,