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Achyuthan - oru siRiya viLakkam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Tue Feb 25 1997 - 12:23:08 PST

Dear bAgawathALs,

I thankfully acknowledge the love poured for my postings on thiru maal
irum sOlai by Srimans AR, VS, Sudarshan, Mohan Sagar, Krishna Kalale, Ramesh,
Viji, Ragavan, Arun  and feedabcks from Srimans Mani. There some more personal
mails since this series started atleast 3 or 4 months back. The intention of
the post is to get atleast one soul to get the feelng that they must visit this
kshEthram and Lord Azhagar's blessings. If even one jivan feels that way after
reading the post the puporse is fulfilled in my opinion.  One of our netter
wanted the copy of the previous postings. I accidentally erased his mail. If he
send his address I can send them. There will be a sit in which all these will
be stored hopefully. I will go on to write 2 more reader's request on 2
kshethram's thala purAnams and related pAsurams in the coming weeks.


On Feb 25,  7:53am, V. Sadagopan wrote:
> Subject: Sri RanganAtha PaadhukhA Sahasram(RPS) : Naadha Paddhathi--part 1
> Dear Members of the Prapatthi group :
> I will cover the 51st Verse of RPS today .
> Verse 51/RPS Slokam 431
> dAkshinyam athra NIYATHAM NIYATHAA  sudhAsmin
> ithyudhgathO NIYATHAM  Achyutha paadarakshE I
> pratyeka samsritha padha sthutayE bhavathyO:
> sangarsha vaadha iva madhya maNi praNAdha: II

> Swami Desikan uses the name Achyuthan deliberately to suggest that
> Sri RanganAthan NEVER abandons his asritha janams .

Bagvad Ramanuja Sidhdhantha thaathparya sAArdulam Sriman Oppiliappan
Koil Varadachari Sadagopan rightfully pointed out in his vyaakyaanam
for padhuka sahasram verse 51 of naadha pathathti that Swami dEsikan
had used the word achyuthan such that HE never abandones  his asritha
janams and also HE never abandones one for the other of the paadukais.
His vyaakyaanm is so excellent that the whole series of postings is flowing
like a regular course for us and we can learn the concise version of
padhuka sahasrams so easily if we can follow his posts regularly.

PoruL 1:
I would like to add a small note here only to glorify the name of
achyuthan so that readers may feel the imoprtance of worshipping
Arangan as "achyuthan". It is said that Arangan as amalan and achyuthan
is unshakable from HIS position of amalaththuvam.  The word Achyuthan
means one who is never "wavering" from HIS position. In tamil it means
"than nilaiyil irunthu "vazhuvaatha"van".

PoruL 2:
	This unwavering is interpreted (other concept for achyuthan) is such
that Lord
Ranganatha as achyuthan is lying down in HIS bOga sayanam and (HE) is holding
all of us (the jivans and others) in HIS "firm grip" and HE never let us slip
from this grip. ie HE is in sayanam (sleeping) with a "tight hug" over all of
us the surrendered jivans. It is one's annyaanam that sometimes one may think
that they are independant and that they can do something of their free will
after they are surrendred. The moment we realise this and worship HIM at this
place as Achyuthan we are already in HIS firm grip and we donot have to worry
about the annyaanam due to karma occupying our mind again.-

PoruL 3:

 One of the bAgawathAL in their upanyAsam used to wonder "HE is the entire
universe and to benefit us HE has come in this archa form to Srirangam. How
could HE possibly contain this entire universe in this small uruvam? What a
compassion HE has for us such that HE is undertaking this task (appearing as
achyuthan who contains everything including the universe contained in HIM) for
the sake of we jivans and appear here as Arangan". ie as ahyuthan HE is the
container of universe in HIM and is the most compassionate and graceful.

PoruL 4:

His "kidappu" is also a wonderful anubavam to think of. One other wondered if
HE has to contain the whole universe then the service our adisEshan is doing by
being HIS bed and carrying HIM all the time is so wonderful. Yes it is;
However, it is asid that HE is lying down in such a way that HE is so light and
feels like a mild weighing flower in HIS bed.
ie HE is lying down so light as achyuthan, and yet contains everything in HIM.

I was reminded of this when our Buffalo BhakthaaLS made a special doLi or
oonchal and velvet pillows and bed for Lord Ranganatha (moolavar photo) during
the conference. I thanked them for being so thoughtful and i do the same again.

PoruL 5: "Achyuthan" is the exact name of form of HIM from where brahma
is born and the other two moorthis are derived. Adi moola manthram taught to me
conveys this.

Coming back to the use of the name "achyuthan" in pps, it can be meant
that as achyuthan HE never leaves his "grip" on the surrendered jivans
(us) or the holy padhukaas ! ie Swami desikan would have wanted to
emphasis the "firm grip" Lord Arangan has on these pAdhukais.

Sri Sri RanganAyikA samEtha Sri RanganAtha maNi pAdhukE charaNam
Sampath Rengarajan