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Sri RanganAtha PaadhukhA Sahasram(RPS) : Naadha Paddhathi--part 14.10

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Feb 25 1997 - 04:53:11 PST

Dear Members of the Prapatthi group :

I will cover the 51st Verse of RPS today . 

Verse 51/RPS Slokam 431

dAkshinyam athra NIYATHAM NIYATHAA  sudhAsmin
ithyudhgathO NIYATHAM  Achyutha paadarakshE I
pratyeka samsritha padha sthutayE bhavathyO: 
sangarsha vaadha iva madhya maNi praNAdha: II

NammZhwAr declared through one of his Thiruvaimozhi
paasurams that the Leela Vibhoothi is preferrable to 
Nitya Vibhoothi in Sri VaikunTam because the Archa 
of the Lord at Srirangam was so captivating. Swami 
Desikan takes this statement  o fSatAri Suri as cue for this verse 
and salutes the two lotus feet of the Lord and the respective
paadhukhAs adorning them .Swami Desikan chooses the 
Achyutha Naamam to address the Lord here . He is probably 
reminded of the Natha Satyan of Thiruvaheendrapuram , whose
celebrated name is ACHYUTHAN . 

Swami Desikan uses the name Achyuthan deliberately to suggest that 
Sri RanganAthan NEVER abandons his asritha janams . He goes on then 
to state that the Lord never abandons the right paadhukhA for the 
left and vice-versa and how both adorning his two feet are complimentary
in their functionality. Inspite of this or may be because of this , each 
PaadhukhA according to our AchArya brags about a special relationship
with the foot it serves . The disputatious debate about their relative 
superiority seems to come out as the sweet Naadham from 
the gems embedded in the PaadhukhAs ( BhavathyO: 
madhya maNi praNAdha: ) .

Swami Desikan states : " O Achyutha PaadhukhAs ! You prefer to 
praise the foot that you are serving. You the right (DakshiNa ) 
paadhukhA claim that you have exclusivity (special priveleges)
because of your unique quality of DaakshiNyam ( generosity , compassion 
and ease of access to the Lord , salugai ). You , the left PaadhukhA 
rightfully claim that Amrutham (Nectar) arose from you exclusively 
and that nectar is used to bathe the jeevans to bless them with
Moksham . This vociferous and distinct debate seems to transform
into the sweet naadham that emanates from both of you , when you
transport Your  Lord during His travels ." 
It is generally believed that GangA with the power of 
nectar (Mrutha sanjeevini ) arose first from the Lord's 
left feet , when it was washed by Brahma in 
Satya Lokam during TrivikrAvathAram . 

The playful use of the word Niyatham or its variation niyathA thrice
in this verse is pleasing to experience. Swami is focusing on each of the 
PaadhukhAs that adorn one or the other foot uniquely ( Pratyeka 
Samsritha pada : ) . PaadhukhAs are engaged in eulogising 
their particular foot . Athra DaakshiNyam asthi . Here on the right foot ,
DaakshiNyam ( Cleverness , bending to the aasrithA's wish ) has
taken residence. Swami says further that DaakshiNyam is defenitely 
there (Niyatham asthi ) . Asmin sudhA niyathA ( Here on the left foot ,
the divine nectar is unmistakably (NiyathA ) present . Both of you 
quarrel (Samgarsha Vaadha : ) over your individual superiority 
always ( Niyatham ) . The left foot and the associated PaadhukhA
suggests Nitya Vibhoothi ( Sri VaikunTam ) and the right foot 
and the PaadhukhA adorning it suggests Leela Vibhoothi
(Srirangam ) . Thus both the PaadhukhAs are linked to 
the lotus feet of the Ubhaya Vibhoothi nAthan , 
Sri Achyutha , Aravindha CharaNa,  Chandra PushkaraNi
Thata Sesha Saayee, Sri  RanganAthan .   

Sri RanganAtha MaNi PaadhukhE ! Thubhyam NamO Nama:
AzhwAr , Acharyan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam 
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan