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Sri Sudharshan's explanation.

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Sun Feb 23 1997 - 12:29:20 PST

Sri Sudharshan Wrote...
To me Bhattar's story explains how "bhagavath-sambhandha-gnyAnam" instantly
destroys "bheeti" in the soul of a "prapanna".

I am not sure it is Bhattar's intention that the story serve as a sort of
allegorical play on the "three-way" relationship between "paramatma",
"jivatma" and "achAryA". 

If we did, for a moment, however, consider the story as an allegory and
regard the "father"-character in it as "paramatma", then your query on the
"father's anxiety" is very pertinent.

Thanks for the nice response. I understand that the story should be viewed as 
an example of how the bagavath-sambandha-gnyaanam instantly destroys the bheethi
of the jeevan. The other story was also quite absorbing. 
This reminds me of something that happened during vibeeshaNa charaNaagathi. 

Lord Rama after those initial protests from sugreeva and others in granting 
protection to vibeeshaNa, finally convinces everybody and now vibeeshaNa is the 
newest member in the camp. At this time sugreeva approaches Lord Rama to talk 
about the plans of getting to Lanka and to further discuss warfare. 

Rama instantly directs sugreeva to vibeeshaNa and asks him to get advice from 
vibeeshaNa. There are so many stalwarts around, who have been with Sugreeva for
so many years, they are  highly intelligent and trustworthy and why did Rama 
direct sugreeva to vibeeshaNa who is just the newest addition to the camp and 
that too from the enemy...sugreeva was very confused at this it seems. 

Rama explains: "Offering protection is my bounden duty. It is my nature. I 
should have gone to him and offered the required protection, instead i made 
him come to me. I feel very sorry for that. I wanted to do something more 
to him..." 

It is said to be similar to that extra affection of a mother to the just born.
HIS avaa (anxiousness / aasai??) to get HIS bhaagavathOthamaas closer to HIM 
is much more than ours to get to Him.....