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Thiru maal irum sOlai - part 17 - sidhdhar's refuge

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sun Feb 23 1997 - 08:01:13 PST

Subject: Thiru maal irum sOlai - part 17 - sidhdhar's refuge

About 2000 years ago, a sidhdhar by name idaikkaadar established a "Medical
Institute" and developed sidhdha vaidhya saasthram from here. This is
described in sidhda vaithiya saastharaas. The trees and mooligais are rare
species (refer part 1) and many sidhdha literature describes about them.

This  place is populated by many sidhdhars  who  are
known  for  miracle  powers and  sAdhanai  on  athma
sidhdi.  Sidhdhar "Bogar" wrote a beautiful poem  on
silambARu  and  this  azhagar  malai  and  and  Lord
Azhagar.  The  following is a style of tamil  poetry
one will often see in Osidhdhar lieteratures such as
Othiru  moolarOs. It is not hard to  understand.  At
the  same  time  many of the words mean  differently
than  what   a  straiht translation would  mean.  ie
There  are simple but hidden meanings for  the  same
words used in these lines. Unlike our Pasurams  some
of  these  ancient poems may not however have  three
layers  of meanings.  (This is usually the style  of
sidhdhar'  poems;  ofcourse the  "naadi"  is  little
difficult  for  a  beginner  in  tamil  language  to
understand  though).  I  encourage  even  non  tamil
speakers  of this forum to take 10 minutes  to  read
through  this  poem  and  accept  the  truths  about
Oazhagar  malaiO  as  read from a  different  person
(sidhdhar)  who  is  usually  not  classified  as  a
Sriviashnava of Sri Sampradaayam..

kANappA vazhukaNich chiththaRuNdu
kamanDala neer thottiyilE nathu paayum
thOnappaa pillaikaL Onbathu pEruNdu
thulangidavE kanniyonRu avar paaluNdu
pooNappaa vathan adiyir Reppamundu
pugazhaana thiraviyangaL anEha muNdu
maaNappaa vazhagar malai yenRu pErum aachcharyam
neelagirik kathigam paarEn enr Enam malaiyin aranchayaal
pathivaana kauppnuda kOvilonRu
nirenrEn kOvilukku theRkkE senRaaL
nediya thoru paaraiyonRu sunaiyonRu uNdu
pErenrEn vanam vonRu peruththuk kaaNum
perithaaka kugaiyonRu kathavunthONRum
sErenRE guhaiyuLLE senRE yaanaalch
seyamaana vaiyappaa iththiruppaththaanE

kANappA vazhukaNich chiththaRuNdu :
  many sidhdhars are living in this area

kamanDala neer thottiyilE nathu paayum :
      Silambaru  ie refer part 3 of this post.  When
Lord  Brahma  did paadhAbishEkam for  Lord  Vishnu's
paatham    that   entered   sathya   lokam    during
thiruvikrama avathAram, several theerththangaL  came
out  of and the theerththam that washed the silmabam
(a  type of anklet) in Lord's legs fell here and was
called as silambARu

thOnappaa pillaikaL Onbathu pEruNdu:
          (Lord Vishnu or Kallazhagar had taken 9 avatharams
or incarnations so far)

thulangidavE kanniyonRu avar paaluNdu:
         ("paaramaay pazha vinani paRRaRu"kkum
mahalakshmi is with HIM ie she will cleanse
(thulangiduvaaL) all our vinais.

pooNappaa vathan adiyir Reppamundu:
         (theeththangaL or theppam (tank) that surround this
malai are plenty)

pugazhaana thiraviyangaL anEha muNdu:
         (herbal plants and many other biological
species that sidhdars often use.  Refer part 1 on
1000 varietis of species referred by Sri ANDAL)

maaNappaa vazhagar malai yenRu pErum aachcharyam:
          (the beauty of  the name azhagar malai is also

neelagirik kathigam paarEn enr Enam malaiyin aranchayaal:
            (ie after rhe surrounding hills that are
closer  to  this  Enam malai ie the  malai  that  is
equivalent  to  the enam avatharam  of  perumaal  ie
varaaha avatharam (enam means varaham in tamil).  ie
the  malai  is  so strong as similar to  the  varaha
perumaal who carried the boomidEvi to rescue.   This
refers  to  the nearby varAha parvatham.  (Refer  to
part  12  of this post) where kaatu azhagra koil  is

pathivaana kauppnuda kOvilonRu:           (there you
will  see  the  temple of karuppanna  swamy  who  is
literally residing on those steps that embedded  his
erstwhile   masters   (embedded   means   in   tamil

nirenrEn kOvilukku theRkkE senRaaL:
         (if one goes to the south of this temple)

nediya thoru paaraiyonRu sunaiyonRu uNdu:
         there is a rock and  a sunai (one of the 3

pErenrEn vanam vonRu peruththuk kaaNum:
         (there is also a thick woods that can be seen)

perithaaka kugaiyonRu kathavunthONRum:
         (there is  a cave and and enrance is also
there for the cave;, read the earlier part for this
cave deatils as presented by silambathikaaram)

sErenRE guhaiyuLLE senRE yaanaalch seyamaana vaiyappaa
          (if  you  go  through this cave  you  will
conquer this life in this world, ie it leads  to  to
the  ishta  sidhdi  theertham  that  offers  mOksham
instantly if wished to Lord Azhagar). There are few other such
refereces to thiru maal irum sOlai from sidhdhar literatures.
This  above mentioned paadal is  presented  in his literature  known  as
"janana saakaram" ie ocean of births.

Sri   SridEvith  thaayaar,  Sri  ANDAL  samEtha   Sri
kaLLazhagar   paramswami   sudara   raaja   perumaal
thriuvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan