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Thiru maal irum sOlai - part 20 - Srivaishnava Mutts & Prominance of Azhagar as accepted by other faiths

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sun Feb 23 1997 - 08:02:40 PST

Part   20  -  History  of  Srivaishnava  Mutts   and
Prominance of Azhagar as accepted by other faiths

As  similar to Srirangam and Kancheepuram this place
was  also strongly populated with mutts in the olden
days. There was a Sri Ramanuja mutt here. One of the
disciples of Sri Ramanuja was the jeer for this mutt
and  it  was under his control. After Sri Ramanuja's
period  this  mutt was occupied by HIS holiness  Sri
MaNavALa mAmunigaL The temple was said to be visited
by   almost  acharYas  of  both  the  vadakalai  and
thenkalai faith all the time. This temple  was  also
served  by  kulasEkara  mutt, and  vaanaathi  Raayan
mutts.     In  due  course of time, there  was  many
rumors  that  floated  around  here  as  similar  to
counter claims on thiruppathi. The rumors were  such
that Gods of Other faiths were in this hills as this
the  most  attractive hills with  so  many  "magical
powers"  in south India. This plague of rumors  were
all  removed as everyone accepted that  it  is  Lord
Azhgar  who  is living in nityAvasam in this  hills.
This is squarely stated by Thirumangai's pasuram

punNdhiyil chamaNar puththareNn RivargaL
  oththaNna pEchavum uganNdhittu,
enNdhaipem maaNnaar imaiyavar thalaivar
  eNNimuNn idaNGgoNda kOyil,
chanNdhaNnap pozhiliNn thaazhchiNnai nNIzhal
  thaazhvarai magaLirgaL nNaaLum,
manNdhirath thiRainchum maaliruNY chOlai
  vaNaNGguthum vaamada nNenchE! 9.8.9

				- periya thiru mozhi - thiru mangai

Sri   SridEvith  thaayaar  Sri  ANDAL  samEtha   Sri
kaLLazhagar   paramswami   sundara   raaja   perumaal
thriuvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan