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Sri RanganAtha PaadhukhA Sahasram(RPS ) : Part 14.7

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Feb 23 1997 - 07:01:01 PST

Dear Members of the Prapatthi Group :

I will cover just one  verse of Naadha Paddhathi( Verse 46)
in this posting . Like every slokam of RPS , this one has 
such a depth of meaning and beauty .

Verse 46/RPS SLokam 426

prAyENa sahyaduhithur nadharAjakanyA 
jaamAthu: aagamana suchanam eehamAnA I
manju praNAdha subagai : maNi paadhukhE ! tvaam
antharyuthAm akrutha Yowdhaka ratna kantai : II

This slokam with a vivid imagery and depth of meaning 
 relates to Sri RanganAthA's arrival
at the banks of Cauveri during the uthsavams and describes 
the service that the PaadhukhAs render during those occasions.

Swami Desikan dwells here  on the hierarchy of relationships 
between Samudra Raajan (Nadha raajan ) , Mother Cauveri
( Sahya KanyA , the daughter of Sahya Mountain and the wife of 
Nadharaajan ) and the daughter of the Cauveri-Samudra Raajan
dampathis ( MahA Lakshmi, Sahya Duhithu : ) and finally , 
Sri RanganAthA ( the MaapiLLai /son-in-law of Cauveri and Samudra
Raajan and the husband of MahA Lakshmi ) . 

Swami Desikan states here that the sweet and unmistakable sound
arising from the coming together (Clanging/interplay  ) of 
the different rathnams(gems) placed inside the Kumizhi 
( toe-hold ) of the PaadhukhAs by MahA Lakshmi 
has a specific purpose. That naadham serves as  an alert 
(aagamana Suchanam ) intended by MahA Lakshmi
( Nadharaaja KanyA )to invite the attention of 
the fast-flowing cauvery maathA rushing to meet her 
husband to slow down and be ready to receive the son-in-law 
( JaamAthu :)  Sri RanganAthA  with due honors , once He
arrives at her banks . This is the wish of the dutiful daughter 
and She  makes this alert possible with the beautiful sounds 
(Manju PraNAdham ) of the PaadhukhA's gems .
MahA Lakshmi rose out of the milky ocean during the time of
the churning for nectar by the Lord . The king of the Oceans and Cauveri 
gave their  daughter in marriage to Sri RanganAthA . At that time , the king
of the oceans presented his daughter with many beautiful gems .
The bride placed those valuable dowries inside the Kumizhi of 
Her  Lord's PaadhukhAs . When Sri RanganAtha moves around adorning 
the PaadhukhAs blessed by the hands of MahA Lakshmi , 
the gems placed  inside the Kumizhi  generate 
the Manju PraNAdham . During the occasion of the travels of the Lord 
to the banks of Cauveri , the sweet sounds generated by the gems inside
the Kumizhi serves as an early announcement/alert  system for 
the busy mother-in-law .The daughter and her mother seem to "plot "
together as it were to get set for the Raaja MaryAdhais 
for the VIP son-in-Law .

Swami Desikan says : " O PaadhukhE ! Sri Devi wishes to provide advance 
information to Her mother Cauveri about the arrival of her son-in-law .
Therefore , She placed inside ( antha YuthAm )  your kumizhi 
the many music-producing gems that She received as Her dowry
( Yowthaka rathna Kantai: ) from Her parents during the occasion 
of Her svayamvaram on the banks of the milky Ocean . The sweet sound 
that you generate through these gems enclosed  in your kumizhi 
executes the strategy of MahA Lakshmi to alert Her mother Cauveri
to receive her son-in-law with due honors .

The inner meaning is that MahA Lakshmi helps the suffering Jeevans
by empowering the AchAryAs like NammAzhwAr. Jeevans get caught 
in the snares of SamsAram and commit  many sins due to the engagement 
in acts not permitted by the ShAsthrAs . The Lord gets annoyed and 
wills that the Jeevans do not get a glimpse of the auspicious 
blessings ( nallathu Theriya vEnDaam )  waiting in store for them . 
When the Jeevans appeal to MahA Lakshmi , their mother, and pray for
enlightenemnt , She out of Her compassionate nature and Her
guNam celebrated as Purushakaaram ( pleading with the Lord through
intercession on behalf of the suffering jeevan ) agrees to come to their 
rescue. She empowers the AcharyAs with the gems to create 
the true knowledge ( JnAnam via a clear understanding of 
Artha Panchakam and Rahasya Trayams ) and helps to alter the mind set 
of Her own Lord towards the erring jeevans .

It is in this context that MahA Lakshmi according to Swami Desikan 
blessed NammAzhwAr with the gems of DayA , Patience/tolerance , 
vinayam , Bhakthi and true Jnaanam , which together culminated in 
the creation of the sanctifying and sacred  Naadham of Thiruvaimozhi .

Sri Ranganayaki Sametha Sri Rangaraja Para BrahmaNE Nama :
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan