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From: V. Sadagopan (75041.3037_at_CompuServe.COM)
Date: Sat Feb 22 1997 - 06:17:05 PST

Dear Sri Sudarshan : I think I have come across this slokam 
in Prapanna PArijAtham , where NadAthur AmmAL
quotes it as a part of commentary on Lakshmi Tantram.
I have referred to it in my article on ThirukkaNNamangai
ThaayAr , Sri Abhishekavalli in an artcle on that 
divya desam and the krithi of Mutthuswami Deekshithar 
composed for that Lord in the apoorva Raagam  Vamsavathi,
a Janya raagam of the Mela Kartha , Viswambhari .
The krithi starts with the pallavi :
" Bhakthavatsalam Abhishekavalliyutham BajEham Nityam ".
As usual , I can not find that article written some 
ten years ago .

This KshEtram is known as KrishNa Mangala KshEtram 
and the ThaayAr is worshipped there as the one , 
who received the Abhishekam from the Ashta digh GajAs 
prior to choosing the Lord in her svayamvaram 
at the side of the milky ocean, when the Lord emerged 
from His engagement of churning that ocean for nectar 
and attained Her as the supreme nectar(PeNNamudhu).    

If my memory serves me right , this beautiful verse
is not by Acharya RamAnujA and is about Maha Lakshmi
in general and not about PerundEvi ThAyAr.This verse 
to the best of my recollection is from VishNu PurANam. 

I will not be surprised , if my memory is faulty.

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"AkAratraya sampannAm aravinda nIvAsInIm  I
asEshajagadIshatrIm vandE varadavallabhAm  II"

I casually across the above sonorous verse last night while reading
something else. It is a sterling example of SriRamanUja's devotional poetry.

I know the verse is in praise of "perundevi-thayyar" of Kanchi.

What I don't know (or can't recall) is the name of the hymn and its true import!

Can someone on the list help ?