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Sri Ranganatha PadhukhA Sahasram(RPS) : Naadha Paaddhathi--Part 14.6

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Feb 21 1997 - 21:25:40 PST

Dear Members Of the Prapatthi Group :

Swami Desikan was the ghantAvatharam . The Naadham 
arising from the ThiruvenkatamudayAn"s Ghanta ( MaNi ) 
is Pranava Naadham . Hence the fourteenth paddhathi 
of Sri RanganAtha PadhukhA Sahasram known as Naadha 
Paddhathi has  a special NaadhOpAsana-related 
significance. The PraNava Ghosham generated by the 
GahantA is Saama Udhgeetham , which is the same as
the Naadham generated from the recital of the Thiruvaimozhi
of NammAzhwAr . In view of this , the 100 verses of  Naadha 
Paddhathi has a close relationship to NammAzhwAr"s 
Thiruvaimozhi in content and style. 

Verse 36 of Naadha Paddhathi/ 416th Verse of RPS

Here Swami Desikan addresses the PadhukhAs and 
describes his own inadequacies in adequately praising 
the Vaibhavam of the PaddhukhAs . He says : " O PaadhukhE !
Your Naadham is instrumental in deflecting me from my 
propensity for engagement in Worldly pleasures. You have 
directed me toengage in eulogising you , who is the object
of praise by the VedAs . You have taken mercy on me inspite of 
my lowliness and have blessed me even if I do not deserve it .
Your timely instructions through your Naadham makes me 
persist in the worthy efforts to sing your praise  through the verses
of PaadhukhA Sahasram .

Verse 37/RPS 417

In an earlier verse , Swami Desikan equated the Naadahm of 
the PaadhukhAs to that of PraNavam or OmkAram . Here , he
equates the Naadham to that of a sound assuring the devotees
of freedom from fear . He says: " O MAni PaadhukhE ! When you
start on yur Lord's auspicious campaigns to root out the enemies of 
the DevAs ,You generate a sound that identifies you as the one ,
who has vowed to protect the three worlds from any harm. You seem 
to be assuring the virtuous people everywhere that they will have 
total freedom from fear of any kind. 

Verse 38/RPS 418

Here Swami Desiakn compares the Naadham of the PaadhukhAs
to mantra Japam and prayOgam . He says : " O PaadhukhE ! 
You join with the playful gait of the Lord engaged in destroying 
the enemies of the DevAs and generate sweet sounds as a 
result of these movements  with Him . At hat time , the Naadham
originating from you resemble rare incantations that chase 
away the enemes of the DevAs . "

Verse39/RPS 419

Here Swami Desikan describes the timing of the sounds 
generated by the PaadhukhAs and the Lord's Conch known
as Paanjajanyam . He says : " O MaNi PaadhukhE ! When 
Lord RanganAthA gets up from His serpent bed during the
autumn mornings to protect the righteous people , your sweet 
sounds are heard first . They announce the Lord's intentions .
Sri RanganAthA's divine conch sound comes thereafter. 
The Conch seems to take the cue form You (the PaadhukhAs)
to beoadcast the Lord's departure on His mission to address
the requestsof the waiting world .

Verse 40/RPS 420

Here , Swami Desikan praises the Ghosha Vaibhavam of
the PaadhukhAs of Sri RanganAthA . Swami uses the double
meaning of the word Ghosha in this verse to mean either the 
colony of cowherds  or the loud sound . Gosha Vaibhavam can 
mean in this context either the wealth of the cowherd colony or
the majestic Naadham of the PadhukhAs .He says : " O PaadhukhE !
KrishNA took the form of the son of NandagopA and became a GopA
Himself. You were then attached to His lotus feet in the cowherd 
colonies at Gokulam and BrindAvanam, which were known for their
properity. You became a Gopi and had GoshA Vaibhavam then . Your 
qualifications for the status of a Gopi stem from Your Lord"s love for
you , similar to the love He had for the other Gopi"s of BrindAvanam. 
When He left BrindAvanam and  settled in Srirangam as RanganAthA ,
you still exhibit the status of the Gopi and possess GoshA vaibhavam.
Your Lord does not go anywhere without you because of his permanent 
affection for you .Hence you continue to be His Gopi . Your GoshA vaibhavam
at Srirangam also continues from the the majestic GoshA that you 
generate , when you transport your Lord ."

O RanganAtha MaNI PaadhukhE ! Thubhyam NamO Nama :
Swami Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam .
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan