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Thiru maal irum sOlai - part 14 - azhagar kOil in sanga ilakkiyam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Feb 21 1997 - 09:23:23 PST

part 14 azhagar kOil in sanga ilakkiyam

part 14
References from sanga kaala ilakkiyam

There are many sanga kaala ilakkiyam that dealt with this kshethrams.
Of which the followings are notable and many of these are totally devoted
to this kshEthrams only.

1. Thirup pugazh praises this sthalam (refer to part on

2.  Many  sanga  kaala ilakkiyam discuss  about  the
specialty of this sthalam  and the Lord.

3. Kandha puraanam describes this azhagar malai as " mukthi
tharu  pErazhgu  malai",  is  the  beautiful azhagar malai
that offers mukthi or mOksham".

4.   Pillai   perumal  iyengar  delivered   "azhagar
anthaathi" a separate and unique literature on  this
Lord alone.

5.  A poet who lived around 300 years earlier and by name
"kavi  kaala  rudhrar"  delivered  a  separate "pillaith
thamizh" on this Lord.  Pillaith  thamizh is a particular
style of tamil poetry.

6.  Poet  kuncharam  of vEnattur delivered  "azhagar
kalambagam"  a separate nool or literature  on  this Lord.

7.  The  century poet " pala pattadai sokka naathar"
delivered  "azhagar vidu thoothu" a  separate  tamil
literature on this lord.

8. Poet "kavi kunchara barathi" describes the beauty of
this azhgar malai and the temple and the natural scenery
around this in the literature "sOlai  malai kuravanchi"

9.  Divya suri charitham, sri kamsa santhEkam,"kovil ozhugu"
a popular tamil literature on  tamil temples and
silambathikaaram describes this kshEthram.

one can enjoy the beauty of the azhagar malai and azhagar mahAthmiyam in
these litertures for several days of their life time. There are so  much
to read and understand thoroughly and enjoy it.

Sri ANDAL samEtha Sri KaLLazhagar thiruvadikaLE charaNam
Sampath Rengarajan