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paasurappadi raamaayaNam ...

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Wed Feb 19 1997 - 20:03:55 PST

Didn't want the thread to die down so early. I wasn't sure of the meanings of some words here which is why i didn't write earlier. Most of the native thamizh speakers would have understood whatever i have written here. This is mainly for the others who don't understand thamizh.

I request the thamizh scholars in the net to fill up the blanks here. This attempt is just to provide some sorta continuity.  

manthirangoL maRai munivan vELvikaakka nadandhu,
vandhu edhirndha thaatakai than uraththaik keeRi
vallarakkar uyiruNdu, kallaip peNNaakki,
kaaraar thiN silaiyiRuththu maithiliyai maNam puNarndhu,
irupaththorukaal arasu kaLaikatta mazhuvaaLi vevvari
naR silaivaangi vanRi koNdu avan thavaththai muRRunceRRu,
ambonetu maNimaada ayOdhdhi eydhi ariyaNaimEl
mannanaavaan niRka;

manthiraNGgoL maRai munivan - For the sage who chants vedic verses,
(maRai - vEdham, munivan - sage,  manthiram + koL => this actually doesn't just mean the one who chants the verses but kinda possess (koL) them)

vELvikkaaka n^adan^thu - He walked (with him) to protect the yaagam,
(vELvi - yaagam)

van^thu edhirththa thaatakai than uraththaik keeeRi - He ruined thaatakai's
(van^dhu edhirththa thaatakai - thaatakai, who came over to oppose Him,
(Note, He didn't start it...van^dhu ethirththa thaatakai)
uram - Not exactly sure if it is anger or some form of ego or haughtiness..
keeRi - to cut down , literally)

vallarakkar uyiruNdu, - He 'ate' the lives of those evil/strong rakshasaass
(vallarakkar = valiya + arakkar. valiya is being strong,
uyir - life, uNdu - ate, literally. Here it means He killed them)

kallaip peNNaakki, - He transformed the stone into a woman
(kal - stone, peN - woman)

kaaraar thiN silaiyiRuththu - He broke the sturdy dark bow and
(kaar- dark, as in kaarvaNNan -dark coloured person (krishNan), 
thiN - strong/sturdy, silai - bow, iRuththu - to break)

maithiliyai maNam puNarndhu, - He united with mythili in marriage,
(maNam - marriage )

irupaththorukaal arasu kaLaikatta mazhuvaaLi vevvari
naR silaivaangi vanRi koNdu avan thavaththai muRRunceRRu,

I am not very sure about this line. Some words escape my little thamizh vocabulary :-( 
Anyway, i think this talks about the fight with parasuraama on His way back.
irupaththorukaal - 21 years, arasu - kingdom, mazhuvaaLi - ????(is that his axe or some other weapon?)
vevvari - the reddened, naR silai - the great bow, vaaNGgi - to take, 
avan thavaththai muRRum cheRRu - He destroyed parasuraamaa's ego(?) completely??

ambonetu maNimaada ayOdhdhi eydhi - He reached the city of ayOdhdhi with beautiful castles,

(ambonetu - is the transliteration right? or am i missing something? 
nedu -tall/long, maNimaadam - the castles, eydhi - having reached)

ariyaNaimEl mannanaavaan niRka - to become the king and be seated on the throne.
(ariyaNai - the throne, mannanaavaan niRka - waiting to become the King)