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bheethi of jeevaathmaa

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Wed Feb 19 1997 - 09:45:41 PST

Sri Sudharshan Wrote...

Both father and son were overjoyed.

In that moment of joyful re-union, the son remarked to the father,"Oh,
father, being ignorant of our relatiosnhip I had been fearful ("bheethi") of
you and anxious about my merchandise."

The father replied,"Anxious was I too, my son !".

"But now, father, I know our relationship. I have no fear ! What a great
relief! For my merchandise now is all yours too ! The burden of its custody
is yours, too, isn't it ?!"

"So it is, my dear son ! But can a son's cares be anything but a burden of
love to the father" said the older merchant and they embraced each other.

Thanks for an interesting story. I have heard this before and i understand the 
idea/moral behind it. I have a question though.

Why should the father (The Lord) be anxious? The son's anxiousness is nothing but the jeevaathmaa's bheethi and the third person who introduces the son to
 the father is the aachaaryan who shows the means through which the son (jeevan)
comes to know of the father (paraman). 

I remember listening to this in a kaalakshEbam where this specific question was 
putforth and answered convincingly. Could somebody clarify..
Thanks a lot.