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Thiru maal irum sOlai - part 11 - azhagarin anubavamum adiyArkaLin AaNanthamum

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Mon Feb 10 1997 - 07:06:29 PST

Thiru  maal  irum sOlai - part 11 - azhagarin anubavamum
adiyArkaLin AaNanthamum

In  addiion  to  Lord'  s own anubavam  or  vaibavam  of
accepting  Sri  ANDAL's garland, HIS adiyars  also  have
their own aanantham or pleasure this day. This festival  is
also  a  center of attraction for many lovers and modern
day  movie  and feature film makers. thillAnA mohaNAmbAL
and the latest "araNmaNaik kiLi" are the two movies that
cover the kshEthram and parts of this festival with some
paRRu  for the same. This chithrA powrNami that  azhagar
receives  Sri ANDAL's garland and steps into  the  river
vaigai is also popular in this region for socializing by
lovers  of all ages in their holy  matrimony.  ie  Young
and  old couples flock from "ettup patti" ( a common  word
for  villages  from  all 8 directions surrounding)  come
here  with kattu sORu (picnic basket or bring their food
for  the  whole day and night) and gather  here  on  the
river  bed  of vaigai. As night approaches the  festival
take another dimension. There are lover's songs sung and
people  sit  on  the river bed that appears  similar  to
silver  (popularly  known as silver sands)  due  to  the
milky white and bright full moon and stare at each other
and wish and pray to the Lord to  fulfill their desires.
Many newly married couple are made to wait (differed for
some  time)  until this day when ever they  get  married
during  the time of the year  and are arranged  to  have
their  nuptials  or first night on this most  auspicious
night of chithra pournami.  It is very strongly believed that one is blessed
without  fail,  with their vaarisu and kula  thaanam  if
they  are  to  seek to Lord this night  prior  to  their
holy thaambaththiya uRavu.  There  are  popular  poems  to  confirm  this
sentiments.   The  Canadian  film  maker  David   Suzuki
presented  an 1 hour exclusive film on this whole azhagar festival  in
the   popular series known as "Nature" broadcast by CBC.
BAgawathALs wanting to see this festival and seek Lord's
blessings  by   mAnaseeka   prArthanai   can  do  so  by
watching   "  portions"  of  thillaaNaa  mohanAmbAL   or
araNmaNaik  KiLi or by buying a copy of  David  suzuki's
episode  on this festival broadcast in "Nature"  series,
from CBC, Toronto.

Sri ANDAL samEtha Sri KaLLazhagar thiruvadikaLE charaNam
Sampath Rengarajan