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Good News - Temple Burglar held

From: Vijay Srinivasan (
Date: Sat Feb 08 1997 - 09:59:44 PST

Dear Shri Sudharshan and Prapatti Group Members:

Here is a news item from the Hindu News briefs:

Temple thief held, stolen jewels recovered

The  Chennai city police arrested the elusive temple burglar  and
recovered from him the  entire  jewellery  stolen  from  the  Sri
Vedanta Desikar temple, Mylapore, and a portion of the  ornaments
lifted  from  four  other  temples.   The   culprit,   Vardharaji
Sathyamurthy (33) of Jayapuram, had been operating for  the  past
six years and had struck at five temples. His first operation was 
at Andal temple,  Srirangam  (1991)  followed  by  Rajagoplaswamy
temple, Mannargudi (1992), Eerikatha Ramar temple, Maduranthagam, 
Sarangapani temple, Kumbakonam (1995) and the  recent  case.  The
lure of a lavish lifestyle had made him  take to temple burglary.
The culprit, who had been operating for the past five years,  was
arrested within 20 days of the Mylapore temple theft. He had sold 
some of the diamonds in Mumbai and the jewels in different  parts
of the State.

Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan