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Manavala Mamunvan / AArthi Prabhandham

From: mvanamam (
Date: Thu Feb 06 1997 - 09:36:55 PST

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nmaaha
Si Rukmani Samedha Sri Venkatakrishna ParaBrahmane Namaha. 

This refers to smilarities of the 2 great acharyas. I think, It has been 
generally understood that the later acharyas after Manavala mamunigal and 
Vedanta Desika had created many vyakyanas which will establish and emphasis 
clearly the differences of the great 2. I think that was the reason for todays 
situation.  I cant blame anyone because as per Manavala mamunigal  we have to 
be happy with the acharyas teachings.   "Erul  tharuma nyalathe inbamurru  
Therul tharuma desikanai chernthu" 
- oopadesa rathina malai 
Also we can appreciate the amount of contribution made by both the acharyas to 
vaishnivism which is immeasurable but it is very difficult to reconcile the 
differences. To me it is a mystrey. Just like Thirumashisai Alwar 's origin 
which was floating aroud a few weeks back.   

The aarthi prabhandham is a mind boggling and heart melting work which I have 
tried to read many times and unable to stop crying  every time. If you read it 
you can make out (without the help of any historian) that this work was just 
created at or about the time any one would go to Thirunadu. 
It is really heartbreaking and fyi  we are not advised/ allowed/ encouraged to 
learn this. We are supposed to learn it only at a ripe age after learning 
everything  else.  Probably that is why I broke the rule to learn it I think. 

One more .....

Avanukku Avane Uphayam.   
Means = God 
Ends    = God       
This is what makes it  very difficult  and we need so much help in 
understanding,  I guess. 

Forgive me for any mistakes. 

Murali Vanamamala i