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Re: paasurappadi raamayaNam]

From: Vaidehi Venkatakrishnan (
Date: Tue Feb 04 1997 - 14:00:13 PST

Dear Bhakthas,

I have given the literal meaning of the poem on Lord Rama quoted by 
> >  maNNulakaththOr-uyya,    ayOdhdhi yennum aNi         nagaraththu
 --- earthly beings to exist ayodhya  thus   choice jewel city

> >     venkathirOn   kulaththukkOr      viLakkaay, kousalai-than
 --silver rayed sun  for the dynasty of lamp        kousalya's
> >kula mathalaiyaay                  thayarathan-than makanaay thOnRi
---the first and foremost of her lineage Dasaratha's    son     be born

> > kuNanthigazh              koNdalaay ...
--embodiment of good virtue   
 --- For the salvation of earthly beings, in Ayodhya, the jewel among
cities, the beacon light of the Surya dyanasty, the first and
foremost son of Kousalya for Dasaratha was born a son (Rama), an 
embodiment of good virtue.

> -- koNdalaay - don't know for sure, but I remember this too from 
somewhere: "koNdal maNivaNNaa" wrt Krishna.

Maybe more involved than this when interpreted by well learned people.