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paasurappadi raamaayaNam

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Tue Feb 04 1997 - 10:31:12 PST

Mani Wrote:
Let me give a brief example:

	maNNulakaththOruyya, ayOdhdhiyannum aNi nagaraththu
	venkithirOn kulaththukkOr viLakkaay, kousalai than
	kula mathalaiyaay thayarathan than makanaay
	thOnRi kuNanthigazh koNdalaay ...

	I request the net thamizh vidvaans to translate this excerpt for 
	the rest of us.


Let me make an attempt to translate it word by word. Please correct me if
i am wrong. (I am no thamizh vidvan of any sort at any stretch of
imagination :-)

maNNulakaththOr - For those people living in this earth
uyya 		- to attain mOksham,
aNi nagaraththu - in the beatutiful kingdom called
ayOdhdhiyennum  - ayodhya,
Or viLakkaay	- Like the brilliant light of
  kulaththukku  - the bright sun's clan
kousalai than   - As kousalya's
kula mathalaiyaay- child, (the one who was born to lead the kulam)
thayarathan than - As Dasarthan's
makanaay	- son,
thOnRi		- He appeared
  koNdalaay     - glowing with many virtues
  (koNdal actually means cloud. He probably compares the virtue-filled
  Sri Rama to the thick cloud impregnated with water!)

(Vijay Triplicane)