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Re: paasurappadi raamayaNam

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Feb 04 1997 - 05:02:49 PST

Sri PeriyavAcchAn PiLLAi's Paasurapadi RamAyaNam
is indeed a beautiful version to recite.
His genius in weaving  a garland out of 
the flowers of the AzhwArs' anubhavams 
into a coherent whole is amazing indeed.
Thanks Sri Mani Varadarajan for reference to this
magnificient work by the VyAkhAyana Chakravarthi 
on the the Surya Kula Chakravarthi.
Thanks to Srimathi Vaidehi KrishNa for the translation.
I used to have a fragment of this AruLiccheyal by 
PeriyavAcchAn Pillai .I can not ind it . If some one of our group
has a full copy , I will volunteer to connect the
pieces of this " Jigsaw puzzle " by attempting to 
identify the different word groups with the original sections
of the Pasurams in consultation with other knowledgable 
members of the group and share it with you . The bonus 
will be the understanding of the meanings of the individual
words or groups of words.
Please let me knw , if anyone has the Tamil text of the 
Paasurapadi RamaayaNam .Thanks.
You can fax it to me at 914-923-1103 or mail it to me
at Apt6B-1 , Scarborough Manor , Scarborough , NY 10510
Thanks . V.Sadagopan      
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From:	Mani Varadarajan,
DATE:	2/3/97 5:30 PM

RE:	Re: paasurappadi raamayaNam

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Subject: Re: paasurappadi raamayaNam
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> Subject: Re: many Ramayanas
> I have given the literal meaning of the poem. 
> >         maNNulakaththOr-uyya,    ayOdhdhi yennum aNi nagaraththu
> ---   earthly beings      to exist ayodhya         choice jewel city
> >         venkathirOn kulaththukkOr viLakkaay, kousalai-than
> ----silver rayed sun  dynasty       lamp        kousalya's
> >         kula mathalaiyaay  thayarathan-than makanaay thOnRi
> ---- the first and foremost of Dasaratha's    son      be born
> >         kuNanthigazh           koNdalaay ...
> ----- embodiment of good vitue   
> --- For the salvation of earthly beings, in Ayodhya the jewel among
> cities, as the beacon light of the Surya dyanasty, as the first and
> foremost son of Kousalya and of Dasaratha was born Rama, an embodiment
> of good virtue.
> -- koNdalaay - don't know for sure-refers to Him with bow and arrow
> perhaps; but I remember this too from somewhere: "koNdal maNivaNNaa" for
> Krishna I think.
> Maybe more involved than this when interpreted by well learned people.
> Vaidehi