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Sri Ranganatha PadhukhA Sahasram(RPS)-- Part 7

From: V. Sadagopan (75041.3037_at_COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: Sun Feb 02 1997 - 07:57:29 PST

Dear Memebers of the Prapatthi group :

We will enjoy the Seveth Paddhathi of RPS revered as
Abhisheka Paddhathi in this posting . This Paddhathi has 
30 Slokams in celebration of the PadhukhA Pattabhishekam .

The first slokam refers to Sri Rama's generous gesture 
just before leaving on his exile to fulfill the promise made to
his Father and mother Kaikeyi . At dawn was the set time for
his crowning(PattAbhishekam ) . The insistence for the two 
boons by queen Kaikeyi led to the situation that resulted in 
RamA's departure for the forest for 14 years at dawn . RamA was not a bit 
upset over the turn of events . LakshmaNA on the other hand was
furious about the injustice meted out to his dear brother . There was 
the assembly of material (SaamagriyAs ) collected for the coronation
ceremony in the morning , when Pushya Nakshatram was going to be 
in ascendance . Prior to his departure for the forest , Rama looked with
affection at the pattAbhishekha SaamagriyAs and prayed that they 
do not go to waste and that they are put to good use. RamA went around
(did PrathakshiNam to  ) the SaamagriyAs in a clock-wise manner and 
prayed to YOU ( Sri RanganAthA ) as his family deity  for such 
a happening , where some one most deserving be blessed through 
the usage of the SaamagriyAs assembled for his own PattAbhishekam . 
His wish came true and PattAbhishekham to Your (Sri RangaAthA's ) 
PadhukhAs took place . The first slokam containing these thoughts
is as follows :

paahi na pAdhukhE ! YasyA vidhAsyan abhishEchanam I
aabhishEchnikam Bhaandham chakrE Rama: PradhakshiNa : II

The inner meaning of this slokam is that Sriman NaarAyaNan 
honors the SadhAcharyAs and recognizes such homage to 
the SadhAcharyAs from  the prapannAs as even more sacred than 
the homage offered to Him .

The fifth slokam describes the actual Pattabhishekham 
to the Rama PadhukhAs by the Kula Brahaspathi , Acharya VasishTA .
This slokam states that the Acharya of IshvAku kulam , who was very knowledgable

about  the unsurpassed glories of the PadhukhAs placed them on the 
simhAsanam of the IshvAkhus and conducted the Coronation ceremonies
according to the prescribed Vedic rites. This slokam is as follows :

NivEsya Rangeswara paadharakshE !
bhadrAsanE saadharamabhyashinchath I
vasee VasishTO manuvamsajaanAm 
maheekshithAmvamsa purohithastvAm II

In the twenty second slokam of this Paddhathi , Swami Desikan
explains why Acharya VasishTA took all those  special troubles(efforts ) 
to perform the PattAbhshekham of the PadhukhAs of Sri RamachandrA.
He says : 

alaghurabhishEka vyAruthairambhubhisthE
dinakarakula dhainyam PaadhukhE ! KshALayishyan I
sa kalu kamalyOnE: soonurAdhattha manthrEshu 
adhikha niyama yOgAm SakthimAtharvaNeshu II

( Meaning and comments ) : O PadhukhAs of Sri RamA ! 
When your Lord left for the forest , there was a vaccum in the kingdom 
and there was ArAjakam . The dharmA broke down and the citizens were 
helpless. Acharya VasishTA wanted to address this calamity and 
decided to observe the different vrathams to acquire special powers to 
empower you further  througth he rightfully conducted 
Pattabhishekham to You .

The inner meaning is that the people of the world suffer , 
when there  are no SadhAchAryAs to guide them about the 
true meanings of Tattva, Hithaa , purushArthams and as a 
result miss the opportunity to receive the anugraham of the Lord. 
Swami Desikan hints that the proper "prathishtai " of the SadhAchAryAs
and the Sasthroktha worship of them and service to them would
help the people overcome their samsAric afflictions and qualify them
to receive the blessings of the Lord Himself . It was indeed to 
help us, the suffering jeevans, that Nathamuni performed YogAbhyAsam  
and had the darsanam of NammAzzhwAr , who blessed Natha Muni
with the nAlAyira Divya Prabhandham and the sakala SaasthrAs as well
as the  knowledge about the life history of the other AzhwArs (AzhwAr
paramparai ) .

In the twenty sixth slokam , Swami Desikan states that the manthrams
used by Acharya VasishTA during the sacred bathing of the padhukhAs 
with the waters of holy rivers removed the vysanam of the citizens of 
AyodhyA . They were grieving over the absence of their Lord amidst them .
The santified waters falling on the padhukhAs chased away their grief .

The inner meaning of this slokam is that the blessed jeevans , who have 
acquired the SadhAcharya sambhandham do not suffer from the separation
from their   Lord , if that happens to them .  This insightful observation by 
Swami Desikan is particularly appropriate for us living far away from our
ArchA murthys of the divya Desams  such as Sri Rangam, 
Kancheepuram , Thiruvenkatam  and Oppiliappan Koil.

Sri RanganAtha MaNi PadhukhE ! Thubhyam Nama: 
Swami Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam 
Oppiliappan Koil VartadAchAri Sadagopan