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Re: Sri Krishna bakthi - Sthaayi Bhaavam

From: Mani Varadarajan (mani)
Date: Wed Feb 28 1996 - 11:06:40 PST

On Feb 28,  8:14am, Sampath Rengarajan wrote:
> As we all know, the coming Friday is Sri KulasEkara aazhwaar's
> thirunakshathram
> and it is interesting to note many of our poorvaachaaryaaLs didnot provide
> vyaakyaanam for his "mukunda maala".

I would like to point out that many scholars, both Western
and Indian, Sri Vaishnava and otherwise, are of the opinion
that the mukunda maala stotram is not by the same kulasekhara
maharaja as kulasekhara aazhvaar.  The ambiguity lies in
the fact that all the kings of that dynasty were known as

One of the reasons the scholars believe that the stotra
was composed much after the aazhvaar's existence is the
lack of references by great pUrvAcAryas, including Desika,
Pillai Lokacharya, etc. All this lends credence to the
opinion that it was composed probably in the 13th or
14th century by another Chera king.