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Sri Krishna bakthi - Sthaayi Bhaavam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Feb 28 1996 - 05:14:49 PST

As we all know, the coming Friday is Sri KulasEkara aazhwaar's thirunakshathram
and it is interesting to note many of our poorvaachaaryaaLs didnot provide
vyaakyaanam for his "mukunda maala". It was considered by some shcolars that
the hOliest contents of this maalaa could not be handled due to its complexity
and that it was observed to be extremely delicate to handle this vyaakyaanam.
However, with all the bagwath niyamanam and the vast knowledge Dr.SadagOpan has
offered to provide us with some insight to this hOliest maalaa. While sincerely
awaiting to learn from his posting, I thought all the bakthaas may also know
about the five stages that are generally considered in Sri Krishna bakthi
maargam which is also relevant to this. This is also known as sthaayi.

1. saantham

give up all worldy desires and attach firmly on Sri Krishna and believe on him
and only him and always thinking on him.  example  kanakar, sananthanarkaL,

2. thaasyam

doing bagwath kainkaryam to Sri Krishnaa as a sincere peronal servant to him.
(Some may say that this sincerity is equivalent to that of a slave to his
example, chithrakar pasirakari

3) saakiyam

observing SriKrishnaa as a sincere friend and conduct one with sincere bakthi
on a true friend.

example , kuchElaa (sudaama), beema, arjunaa, sakaathEva

4) vaathsalyam
considering SriKrishnaa as a divine child, and offering love and affection

example yasOdai

5) maathuryam
Loving SriKrishnaa just like a man loves his beloved, and ofcourse without the
component of lust in it. and transforming this love to bakthi state
example aaNdaal, gOpikaas

sarvam sri krishnaarpaNam
Sampath Rengarajan