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RE: Compurers

From: Aumkara Productions (
Date: Mon Feb 26 1996 - 14:46:42 PST

To start off with - I am not sure if the following information is still 
correct. I am presuming that it is!!!!
There was  a DTP package available from Bangalore in 1993 which included 
computer, printer and software. The fonts supported (in Windows) were Tamil, 
Bengali/Assamese, Gujrati, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Gurumukhi, Oriya and 
Hindi (and English).  The person to contact is/was:
	Shri N.V. Krishna
	Asst. Vice President - Exports
	Sonata Software Division
	Indian Organic Chemicals Ltd
	1st Floor, A.P.S. Trust Building
	Bull Temple Road
	N.R. colony
	Bangalore    560 019
I hope this information may be of some use to you
Kindest regards

From: on behalf of M.A.Laksmitatachar
Sent: 	Saturday, February 24, 1996 12:57 PM
Subject: 	Compurers

Dear friends,
We  are proposing to purchase a few computers for our  desk-
top-publishing  system. We have a fund of Rs.3.00 lakhs for  this 

We  print around 2500 pages per year in Devanagari,  English  
and Kannda scripts.  At present we have one LC II, one LaserWrit
er Pro 600, Mac SE for DTP work.  Generally we don't have  graph
ics  in our publications.  Initially we had planned  to  purchase 
APPLE  MACINTOSH  LC 475 2 Nos. and two Nos. IBM PC 486  SX.  Now 
that these machines are phased out, we are rethinking reg. the
models.   Please suggest whether we can go in for Apple power book
range and IBM pentiums and scanners.  We also need softwares like 
PageMaker  for  IBM & MAC (latest version) &  font  packages  for 
Kannada  and  Devanagari scripts.  At present, our  need  is  for 
desk-top-publishing and programming only.  

We would be obliged if any of the members help us by getting 
the literature and prices of latest MAC computers, laserwriter  & 
inkjets,  scanners, software packages like PageMaker,  multi-lin
gual (Indian) fonts etc.  at the earliest.
We  had purchased the existing computers without any  expert 
consultation.   Now that we have access to experts like  you,  we 
want to purchase latest & reliable computers best suited for  our 
needs.  Hence this request.

M.A. Lakshmithathachar
Director, Academy of Sanskrit Research
Melkote 571 431 Karnataka India
Ph: (08232) 38741 (O) 38742 (R)