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(Fwd) Some thoughts on posts on Srirangam and others

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Mon Feb 26 1996 - 09:38:57 PST

	Some years back (87-88) aaditya hrudayam was very popular for
"sometime", and
was seen as a slOkam prayed by many. However it was surprising that this
popularity was in a way derived from the TV serial on Ramayanaa and its showing
this slOkam in it. It is funny to note that there is an increasing trend in our
society to depend on modern ways and sometime even Magics to wake our inner
souls. Same is the case that sometimes, in India, if a foreigner has to tell
about "our truths or our philosphy" many of our people will listen to it. So
many of our own pooravaachaaryaaLs spoke about it. Many Hindu shcolars, and
saints spoke about it. But it catches our eyes if some one else from other
country talks about it. or it is depending on some largely talked about "secret
clues". (it is no more a secret if it is largely talked about). This and all
the postings are there to point some indicators to you that there is something
there for you to explore yourself. These are begining. If a person can mentally
perform saraNaagathi, the Lord will "put" you through the right course. One can
goto arangam or thirupathi and spend time and come out with so much more
explanations of their own than what was presented, if they devote themselves to
the LORD. But prior to all these, one has to "open" their eye and see things in
the right perspective. One way is that if a saraNaagathi is performed Lord will
open your eyes. Srivaishnavam is not a Magic culture that we need to talk about
wonders and make people beleive. And that alone should not be a reason for
showing interest. Note that there is an increasing trend to justify religious
cults based on social work and sometimes wonders alone. No matter what magic or
wonder is being performed or heard to be performed by some, Srivaishnavam is
one which is to be followed thorugh our poorvaachaaryaaLs and their lineage of
achaaryaaLS only. I would strongly suggest to the participants to refrain from
quoting anyother gurus who are not in our lineage or accpeted by our lineage.
Please note that our poorvaachaaryaaLS have debates with other faiths and have
won them several times. At the same time they have acknowledged their existance
as some maargam. ie quoting from adviatin and dvaitin mutts or othodox schools
of modern religions are ok as they donot preach cults based on social service
and wonders alone. Quoting from great saints are fine too. Quoting parallel
from established religions are also ok. But follow only a poorvaachaaryaaL when
you conceive philosophy and bakthi.

	  If one is to witness a wonder they will. Like the one explained by
some one
regarding Swami dEsikan sannidhi and the foot steps. I beleive it. It is not a
mere magic but a divine experience. Note that Swami dEsikan is in our
paarampariyam and accpeted as guru. And this wonder can be a true divine
experience. I believe it. But my intuitions carry me further than this and put
me in line to seek the messages from our achaaryaaLS who again initiate me with
Swmai dEsikan's slOkams. If you are in the tradition of mutts or suyamaach
aaryaaLs, or Lord's upaasakaaLs, follow their (only their) foot steps and
conduct yoursleves as per what they say. while being so you can also open up
your wisdom and look at things more intuitively or the Lord will open your eyes
and facilitate if HE wishes. If you are not in the tradition, that is ok too,
ask one of the mutts or suyamaachaaraaLs who knows the shaasthrams if they can
introduce you into their lineage. or Ask the Lord to guide you if you donot
have anyone in the lineage. Simply donot assume anyone as a spiritual leader if
they are not recognised by the achaaryaaLs or simply donot show interest in
something becuase of a wonder has been occuring or there is a great social
service being done by this guru etc. This is not the basis for founding the
bakthi in one. This is mere psychology that we go with it without seeing it
properly. Not knowing about the poorvaachaaryaaLs and their work is ignorance
and is common and acceptable. But having known about it, one should seek to it
than simply taking up the obvious and available options which are mostly not
recommended by those poorvaachaaryaaLs who delivered these philosophies or
principles. Also note that each one will have to seek their own wisdoms.

	For many of us, this forum is in a way to kindle the interest in the
minds of seeking Sriviashnavaas and provide enthusiasm; and some times
promote discussions and joint projects serving the causes of Srivaishnavam. It
would be proper for me to tell at this point that, the seekers should take the
hints from here and follow their poorvaachaaryaaLs only. Talking about
prapaththi or prapaththi yOgam is fine. But one should attribute these messages
as heard from only and only our poorvaachaaryaaLs. In the past there were
references to other "gurus" in some posts. These are not in accordance with our
sampradaayam. This being a separate group meant for prapathti, I am sure most
of the sriviashnavaas will agree about it. With regard to aazhwaars history and
chronology, there are many books written by Srivaishnavaas of our lineage. One
may want to quote from those books if they want to write about aazwaars. Sri
Ramakrishna mutt is a well known knowledge base on many aspects. However, books
published by them in SRivishishtaadvaidam and aazhwaars are not in-depth views
of our poorvaachaaryaaLS. I donot want to say that they are advaiitic and are
influenced in seeing our works as secondary to advaitic works. It is simply
true that they are not in the linege of our poorvaachaaryaaLS and their
information is somewhat partial. If one want to read or know about aazhwaars
and Srivishishtaadvaidam read it from sources referred by out mutts and other
Sriviashnavaa scholars (eg. DR SNS CHari, Puthur Sri Krishnaswami iyengar..).
They will provide the inside information which will be largely missing in the
books from other faiths. In other words books on aazwaars and
srivishittadvaidham by people from other faiths is similar to a tour book only.
if you want to learn the core aspects of aazwaars life, read books from our
aachaaryaaLs. If one would want to know about our lineage, first start will be
"aaraayirap padi gurupaarampariyam". Some of our books area also available in

Being ignorant is ok. But justifying it, is not ok.

Sampath Rengi