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From: Vasudhevan Madabushi (
Date: Sat Feb 24 1996 - 16:34:14 PST

			SrimathE RAmanujAya Namaha

Dear fellow Bhakthas:

I'd like to thank Vijayaraghavan Triplicane for drawing my attention 
towards this group and Mani Varadarajan for including me in the same.  
When I was asked to introduce myself by Mani, I was a bit apprehensive, 
but after having a look at other introductions in Mani's home page, 
I've mustered some courage. So here goes mine. Please bear with me if 
this is long.

My name is Vasudhevan Madabushi and I was born in 'little' Kanchipuram 
in '67 (coincidentally, both my parents were also born in Kanchi). I 
grew up in Madras (did my high schooling in K.V. IIT Madras; A.M.I.E. 
in Electronics & Commn. Engr. and worked for a couple of years with 
Indchem Electronics) and have been in the US for the past 4-1/2 years. 
I have a M.S. in Computer Engineering from Florida Atlantic Univ., 
Boca Raton and currently work for Synopsys, Silicon Architects Group 
in Mountain View, California. I have varied interests and am a good 
cook too!

On the maternal side, my great-grand mother Smt. Lakshmi's brother is 
none other than Prativadi Bhayankaram Sri Annangarachariar Swami of 
Kanchipuram. While I was a kid, my mother used to refer to him as 
"Umachi thatha" and I have had the privelege of getting his blessings.
I remember having attended a few of his 'kAlakshEbams' but couldn't 
comprehend much as I was quite young then. Apart from regularly visiting 
Thirupathi, Guruvayoor & Kanchi, the Garuda Sevai in Varadaraja perumal 
kovil (Kanchi) was (and is) a must in my family. My father's ancestors 
hail from Thirumalai/Thirupathi(I am making an effort to find out more).     

Although I am an ardent devotee of the Lord and follow most of the 
Vaishnava traditions, I've been totally ignorant of the philosophy 
of Sri Vaishnavism, Visishtadvaitam, the Aazhvar paasurams, etc. I 
really regret the fact that I didn't learn to read/write in Tamizh. 
Fortunately, I can do so in Sanskrit and hope to take advantage of it. 
I'd like to make a humble beginning to learn more about Sri Ramanuj-
acharya and the 4000 dhivya prabhandams from the more endowed and 
knowledgable people in this group. For the most part I'd only be a 
listener (I don't qualify to say anything!) I look forward to educating 
and enlightening myself.

We must compliment Mani and others behind the Sri Vaishnava Home Page. 
It is a wonderful piece of collection and am sure a lot of effort has 
gone into it. 


I can be reached at:
(415) 943-5095 (Work)
(408) 453-6125 (Home) /