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Date: Thu Feb 22 1996 - 17:16:15 PST

"The pressing of camphor powder to the chin relates to a tradition. When a
bhakta, stated to have been Anantalvar, a disciple of Ramanuja, undertook to
excavate the tank, now known as Alvar-tank, together with his wife, as his
exclusive service, he observed a young man to be slyly removing clods of
earth from the site; and, growing angry with for the young man's intruding in
his sole work, he struck Him with his pickaxe or shovel which hit Him on His
chin. The young man then disappeared. When later on the bhakta went to the
temple for worship, he found blood drizzling from Venkatesvara's chin, felt
remorse for his heedless act, brought some drug and applied it to His chin.
In pursuance of this tradition, refined camphor powder is pressed to
Venkatesvara's chin after His ablution on Friday. (Tirupati Sri Venkatesvara
TTD P 392)

In another more detailed account Anantalvar was said to be upset that a
brahmacarin was speaking and helping his pregnant wife without his