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Re: Shashi's reply

From: Srinivasa Raghavan N R (
Date: Thu Feb 22 1996 - 16:59:36 PST

 On Wed, 21 Feb 1996, shashikanth wrote (reg. Sri Srinivasa):

> 	There are different stories that are narrated by many.  But it is 
> said that a person belonging to the yadava sect who used to take care of 
> the cows for the king saw the Gomata emptying her milk into a  ant hill.  
> He by curiosity started dinging the ant hill and accidently hit Lord 
> srinivasa who was in meditation.  Being disturbed he cursed him. This is 
> the story I heard.
	I would like to slightly modify the above version as follows
(according to a similar incidence that is said to have occurred during
PerumaaL's thiruavathaaram):

  The yadava did hit the Gomata, not accidentally but under the orders
of his king (Thondaman chakravarthi if i am not wrong).  The Lord, who was
in deep meditation on the Divine Mother (Mahalakshmi), whose Company He
felt missing in Bhooloka, (ref: "Srivaikuntha viraktaaya Swaami pushkarini
thate...) immediately came out of His meditation and took the hard hit that
was to fall on the innocent Gomata (an avatara of Caturmukha Brahma). He also
came to know who sent him.
   Thus, He decided that it was not the fault of the
cowherd boy, but that of the King (ref:"Yatha raaja, thathaa prajaa"). 
Sri Srinivasa goes ahead and curses the king to wander as a ghost, but on
pleading guilty from the King, out of His Infinite Compassion, gives the
king an Invaluable boon : that the king will be born again as Akasha Raja
and will give Sri Padmavathi Thaayaar in Marriage to Srinivasa and thus
cleanse his sin. 

  The yadava also got a priceless boon. The Lord told Him:
"You are the first person on Bhooloka to see My Srinivasa Avathaara. You
were the first one to wake Me up from My meditation. 
Henceforth only a person from your lineage shall wake Me up (i.e, get the
previlege of seeing the Lord first at Suprabhatam time)."

Even to this day, it is a person from the so called "golla" caste who is given
the privilege of first Holy Darshan of Sri Venkateswara at Suprabhatam time.
Even the Koil Archakaas enter the Garbha Griha only after this person
does and has the Lord's Darshan.

vaachaka doshah kshantavyaha.

"arivonRumillAda aikulathu"....

sriman Narayana prithyarthamidam.

Navalpakkam R. Srinivasa Raghavan.