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Re: Thirupathy

From: Shashikanth Hosur (
Date: Wed Feb 21 1996 - 19:35:38 PST

On Wed, 21 Feb 1996, krish wrote:

> I was reading a sthalpuram ( comic book style ) of
> Lord Venakteshwara and the story did not include a
> narrative my mother had told me. The Lord took it on
> his chin a blow from the kodali(crowbar?) swung by an
> irate husband at his pregnant wife. He was upset at
> her delay in removing the mud he was digging for
> well. Can you shed some light?
> Another was the illustrations of Balaji with
> thegali namam, some of the other characters
> like Suka brhamrishi have vadagalai namam.
> But he front poster has the new style worn in
> present day temples. I was curious why the
> eyes of the Lord are partially painted with the
> namam, probably a compromise.
> Krishan Praba.
	There are different stories that are narrated by many.  But it is 
said that a person belonging to the yadava sect who used to take care of 
the cows for the king saw the Gomata emptying her milk into a  ant hill.  
He by curiosity started dinging the ant hill and accidently hit Lord 
srinivasa who was in meditation.  Being disturbed he cursed him. This is 
the story I heard.

The second part is interesting one.
The tirupathi temple in the begining was under the supervision of 
vadagalai Iyengars.  During that period "U" namam was apllied to the 
lord.  Later on it came under the supervision of tengalai Iyengars.  Then 
"Y" naman was applied.  As this shift of temple supervision was changing 
between vadagalai and tengalai iyengars some time during 1940 or 1950 
there was big fight over which namam should be applied.  This was 
followed by a legal battle in which the judge declared that three strips 
be applied.  Two white strips and a red strip to satisfy bothe the sect 
members.  From that time on the procedure is being followed.  I gathered 
this story from my grandfather and mother.

with love
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