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From: krish (
Date: Wed Feb 21 1996 - 06:09:05 PST

I was reading a sthalpuram ( comic book style ) of
Lord Venakteshwara and the story did not include a
narrative my mother had told me. The Lord took it on
his chin a blow from the kodali(crowbar?) swung by an
irate husband at his pregnant wife. He was upset at
her delay in removing the mud he was digging for
well. Can you shed some light?
Another was the illustrations of Balaji with
thegali namam, some of the other characters
like Suka brhamrishi have vadagalai namam.
But he front poster has the new style worn in
present day temples. I was curious why the
eyes of the Lord are partially painted with the
namam, probably a compromise.
Krishan Praba.