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NP Article
Date: Tue Feb 20 1996 - 13:20:50 PST

                    Asmad Gurubhyo Namah:
                    Asmad Parama Gurubhyo Namah:
                    Asmad Sarva Gurubhyo Namah:

My sincere thanks to Sri Dileepan and Sri Sampath for posting such
wonderful articles.

Many a times while discussing Ramayana, Mahabharata etc, my friends
and I have wondered how lucky were those people, to have been born
during the times that Bhagavan Himself and great souls have walked on
this earth.  If only we could find such people today]

At other times I had often wondered - perhaps I might get moksha
within 7 lifetimes maybe more.  I never thought it would be less.
Since all that we heard was that people go through many many lives
before attaining moksha.

Little did I realize then that Bhagavan exists eternally as a
siddhopaya and becomes the means to our liberation as soon as we ask
for it.  All that we have to do is ask]

It is said that Vaishnavas are like Kalpavrkshas (desire trees in
Vaikuntha) which fulfil all desires.  The story about the 43rd Jeer
shows us the divine nature of people who go on to become Jeers.  Sri
Ahobila Mutt has had from the historic date in 1398, 45 illustrious
Jeers, all of High Calibre and exclusively devoted to the
uninterrupted service of Sriman Narayana.

Many of us have written about languishing Divya Desams.  The Divya
Desams will not be in such a sorry state if more people were made
aware of their divinity and the importance that they hold to our
lives.  Magazines like Sri Nrsimha Priya hold the key to broadening
the base of awareness of the role that Narayana plays in our lives
and the role we can play in His Leelas, which is available just for
the asking]

Rama alone could have vanquished Ravana and all of Lanka without
going through the trouble of getting the Vaanaras to search for Sita
and later fight a war with the Rakshasas.  He performs these Leelas
just to obtain our service and thereby benefit us.

We can also play the role of monkeys, bears, squirrels etc in
Ramayana or the Pandava army in Mahabharata.

An English edition of Sri Nrsimha Priya is planned.  For this we need
people willing to commit a lifetime subscription of $500.  This may
be paid in lumpsum or convenient monthly payments of $20.

We can also do Bhagavata Seva or Acharya Seva, by helping in any or
more of the following ways.

(1) Commit a one time subscription of $1,008.
(2) Commit to an annual subscription of $108.
(3) Commit to a monthly support of $30.
(4) Commit to a monthly support of any other amount.
(5) Put us in touch with people who will be able to help financilly
and otherwise whether they are Srivaishnavas or not.  We shall
explain to them the benefits of serving Sriman Narayana.  If you wish
to remain anonymous, your confidentiality will be protected.

When Sri Krishna was about 3 years old, a fruit vendor showed up at
His door.  The barter system was in existence those days and people
would exchange grains for fruits.  Sri Krishna carried a whatever
little grain He could in His tiny hands to the vendor.  A lot of the
grain slipped and fell through the gaps between His fingers.  The
fruit vendor accepted whatever little grain He offered but presented
Him with an abundant supply of fruits.  When Sri Krishna had left and
she turned to look at her cart, all the fruits had turned into
expensive jewels.

PARAMA BHAGAVATA, THE 45th Jeer of Sri Ahobila Muth.

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                        Arlington Va 22204.

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