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Layout of Sri Vaikundam

Date: Tue Feb 20 1996 - 03:03:54 PST

I had forwarded the mail on Layout of Sri Vaikundam to my cousin, who wrote 
to me the following comments. I thought it might be worthwhile to share his 
views with the other members of the Group.



*********** Forwarded Message**************
Dear Srini,

I was delighted to read about Tiruvarangam temple. However, there are 
some points I want to mention :

(1) The 1000 pillar temple known as Seshraya mandapam is not the one in 
which Arayar Sevai takes place (if I am not wrong). Arayar sevai takes 
place in 5th circle in Kili mandapandam. There is a Tulak nachiyar 
sannidhi at the end of kili mandapam.

(2) Sirirya tiruvadi i.e there are 2 temples for anjaneyar because in the 
place where siriya tiruvadi is there, there is a place for keeping 
Thirumanjan kudam. Of course every day theertham is brought from Cauvery 
with all Raja maryadai i.e., on elephant with umbrellas and nadaswaram etc.

(3) I do not remember if the note mentioned about Nammalwar sannidhi 
which is also in the same circle as siriya tiruvadi. From the entrance, 
when we are facing the direction of sanctum sanctorum, to our right is 
siriya tiruvadi; to our left is nammalwar's sannidhi.

(4) It was not mentioned that the moolavar in Ramanujar sannidhi is 
Ramanja's physical remains themselves. It is called "Thaan aana tirumeni" 
(5) Mettu narasimhar is called mettu azhagiya singar.

(6) Just a few yards from Mettu azhagiya singar and Kambar's Arangetra 
mandapam, is Vedanta Desikar's sannidhi. 3 years ago some people were 
chanting some of the works of desikar every day. Then, over a period of 
time, they noticed that the footprints of Arangar started appearing on 
the wall of desikar sannidhi.

Of course there is so much to know about Srirangam. But this is some info 
I have come to know when I visited, and thought would share with you.